What is a Kinetic Weapons in Destiny 2 For 2023?

Explanation of Kinetic Weapon in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, weapons are divided into three classes: Kinetic, Energy, and Power. Kinetic weapons in Destiny 2 are guns with no element tied to them. 

They are identified by seeing if a weapon’s power level has a color. If it is white, it’s Kinetic. These weapons are there to take down your enemy’s health bar and deal the highest damage to most enemies. 

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 The following weapons are classified as Kinetic weapons in Destiny 2:

  • Auto Rifle
  • Combat Bow
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Hand Cannon
  • Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Scout Rifle
  • Sidearm
  • Submachine Gun

These weapons are much more valuable against foes with little defense.

Importance of Kinetic Weapons in Destiny 2

These weapons assume a significant part in the interactivity of Predetermination 2 because of multiple factors:

  • Expanded Harm to Unshielded Foes: These weapons bargain 10% more harm to unshielded adversaries in PvE exercises. This implies that they are profoundly viable at rapidly bringing down the well-being bars of adversaries without safeguards.
  • Flexibility: These weapons are not attached to a particular natural harm type, in contrast to Energy and Power weapons This makes them flexible and permits players to adjust to various battle situations. They can be utilized successfully against an extensive variety of foe types without stressing over natural protections or shortcomings.
  • Solid Harm Result: Kinetic Weapons in Destiny 2 generally sneak up suddenly and give steady harm yield They come up short of the utility and enhancements of Energy and Power weapons, yet they compensate for it with their crude harm potential. This settles them a dependable decision for managing foes in different exercises.
  • Harm Rewards: With the progressions to the mod framework in Fate 2, These weapons can now profit from harm rewards in exercises. Assuming a player is utilizing a subclass that matches a basic flood, These weapons will get a similar harm buff. This permits players to upgrade their load-outs and boost the harm possible in unambiguous circumstances.
  • Weapon Assortment: Predetermination 2 offers a large number of Dynamic weapons, each with its own interesting credits and playstyles. Players can look over auto rifles, handguns, beat rifles, scout rifles, and then some. This assortment permits players to find this Weapon that suits their favored playstyle and upgrades their by and large interactivity experience.

Definition and Role of Kinetic Weapons

These weapons are a sort of firearm in Fate 2 that bargain non-basic harm. They are recognized by checking whether a weapon’s power level has a variety, and in the event that it is white, it is a These weapons.

Kinetic Weapons in Destiny 2 are there to bring down the foe’s well-being bar and arrangement the most elevated harm to most adversaries.

They are flexible and can be utilized really against an extensive variety of foe types without stressing over natural protections or shortcomings.

These weapons shoot projectiles and are significantly more important against enemies with little guard. They are the player’s go-to weapon and give steady harm yield.

These weapons are additionally significant for their capacity to profit from harmful rewards in exercises. In Predetermination 2, the accompanying weapons are named Kinetic Weapons: auto rifles, battle bows, explosive launchers, hand cannons, direct combination rifles, beat rifles, scout rifles, sidearms, and submachine firearms

How to obtain Kinetic Weapons in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, there are numerous ways to acquire Kinetic weapons in Destiny 2. Here are several methods for obtaining them:

  • These weapons can be acquired through random drops from a variety of activities, including Gambit, Crucible, and Strike battles.
  • These weapons can be bought from a number of game merchants, including Banshee-44 in the Tower and the Gunsmith in the Annex.
  • Exotic Kiosk: Some of These weapons, such as Witherhoard, are exclusively available from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower.
  • Quests: Certain These weapons, like the Ace of Spades hand cannon, can only be acquired by successfully completing specific quests or tasks.
  • Engrams: Various engrams, including Prime Engrams and Exotic Engrams, can be used to create These weapons.

Methods for Upgrading and Enhancing Kinetic Weapons

The following techniques can be used by players in Destiny 2 to improve and bolster These weapons:

  • By sacrificing less powerful armor or weapons, players can use the infusion to boost the power level of their weapons. Players can increase These weapons’ power level and battle potency by infusing them with a stronger weapon.
  • Mods: By using mods that offer various advantages and perks, players can improve their Kinetic weaponry. Weapon stats can be increased, special effects can be added, and gameplay mechanics can be changed. For instance, mods can raise stability, reload speed, or damage against particular opponent kinds.
  • Investment of resources is required to masterwork this weapon in order to gain access to new advantages and stat increases. This may entail improved stability, reload speed, range, or the capacity to produce orbs of light after multiple kills. A weapon becomes more powerful and performs better overall when it is masterworked.
  • Catalysts: Some weapons require catalysts, which are available through particular tasks or quests. Catalysts offer extra advantages and can reveal new perks or stat boosts for the weapon. The catalyst objectives that must be fulfilled in order for the weapon’s capabilities to be improved can be tracked by players.
  • These weapons may have random rolls, which means they could have various perk and stat combinations. By continually acquiring the weapon from different activities or vendors until they have the required perks and stats, players can farm for specific roles.

The damage output of Kinetic Weapons compared to other weapon types

These weapons are adaptable and provide non-elemental damage, making them efficient against a variety of adversary kinds without having to worry about elemental weaknesses or resistances.

In PvE, Kinetic weapons deal 10% more damage to foes who are not shielded than Energy weapons. However, compared to These weapons, energy weapons deal roughly 2.8 times as much base damage versus adversaries with shields.

The purpose of this weaponry is to reduce the enemy’s health bar and deal the most foes the most amount of damage.

Some of the top weapons in Destiny 2 with great damage are as follows: Hung Jury, Succession, Heritage, and Osteo Striga.

If players are utilizing a subclass that matches an elemental surge, These weapons can additionally profit from damage bonuses in activities.

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Factors Influencing the Efficiency of Kinetic Weapons

The efficiency of Kinetic Weapons in Destiny 2 can be influenced by several factors:

  1. Threat Level: These weapons are more effective against threats with low threat levels. They are efficient against opponents without shields and are made to deal high damage to the majority of the enemy. However, due to their elemental damage, Energy weapons might be more effective against shielded adversaries.
  2. Some weapons feature special perk combinations that make up for the lack of elemental damage they deal with. These bonuses may improve a weapon’s use, increase its damage output, or work in concert with specific subclass qualities. Certain weapons may become very efficient and successful in battle thanks to certain combos.
  3. Power Level: A Kinetic weapon’s power level can affect how effective it is. In general, weapons with higher power levels deliver greater damage and are more useful in battle. By sacrificing stronger weapons or equipment, players can infuse their These weapons with more strength.
  4. Weapon Type and Archetype: Each kind of weapon, such as a hand cannon, an automatic rifle, or a pulse rifle, has its own special traits and playstyles. Depending on the kind and archetype, These weapons’ efficiency can change because some may have a larger damage output, better range, or faster fire rates.
  5. Player Skill and Playstyle: A player’s skill and playstyle can have an impact on the effectiveness of weapons. Certain weapon types or archetypes may suit some players better than others, enabling them to maximize the weapon’s potential and deliver greater damage.

Modifiers and Perks

In Destiny 2, perks and modifiers significantly increase the potency of Kinetic weapons in Destiny 2. The following information about them:


  • Modifiers that match the subclass burn occasionally exist, enabling your weapon to cause more damage to that element. This can be helpful when dealing with opponents who have elemental shields or when engaging in tasks that have certain burn modifiers.


  • Damage Boost: Some weapon bonuses can boost weapons’ damage output. For instance, an enemy may absorb 50% more kinetic damage if their shield is broken. In both PvE and PvP situations, these perks can dramatically increase the damage potential of weapons.
  • Effects of Sustained Damage: Some perks can have effects of sustained damage, such as damaging adjacent targets while dealing sustained kinetic damage to a target by sending forth a shockwave. Additional area-of-effect damage and crowd management abilities may be offered by these effects.
  • Reload Speed and Handling: Kinetic weapons can be more effective overall if they have perks that increase reload speed and handling. Faster reload times enable quicker follow-up rounds, and improved handling enhances aim assistance and weapon responsiveness.
  • Range and Stability: Advantages that extend the range and stabilize weapons, particularly those that excel at longer ranges, such as pulse or scout rifles, can be more accurate and effective. More effective engagement distances are possible thanks to the longer range, while better stability minimizes recoil and enhances weapon control.
  • Damage Buffs/Debuffs: Some perks can grant the wielder or the target damage buffs or debuffs. These enhancements can weaken adversaries, rendering them more susceptible to subsequent strikes, or improve the damage output of these weapons.


Kinetic Weapon in Destiny 2 serves as the backbone of every Guardian’s arsenal in Destiny 2.

By gaining a thorough understanding of their mechanics, acquiring the best options available, and optimizing them with the appropriate mods, players can elevate their combat prowess and triumph over the challenges that await them in the game.

Remember to embrace experimentation, adapt load-outs to different situations, and above all, enjoy the exhilarating experience of exploring the vast variety of kinetic weapons that Destiny 2 has to offer.

FAQs on Kinetic Weapons in Destiny 2

What are the advantages of using Kinetic Weapons?

Kinetic Weapons are versatile, dealing solid damage to most enemy types without elemental resistance. They offer flexibility in loadout customization and can equip various mods and perks.

Can Kinetic Weapons be used against all enemy types?

Yes, Kinetic Weapons are effective against all enemy types, making them a reliable choice for encounters in both PvE and PvP activities.

Can Kinetic Weapons be infused with elemental damage?

No, Kinetic Weapons do not have inherent elemental damage. They solely deal physical damage without any elemental attributes.

How do I find powerful Kinetic Weapons in the game?

Powerful Kinetic Weapons can be obtained through various activities such as completing challenging quests, participating in raids, or engaging in endgame content.

Can Kinetic Weapons be modified with different scopes or attachments?

Yes, Kinetic Weapons can be modified with different scopes, barrels, and other attachments to enhance their performance and tailor them to your play style.

Are there specific Kinetic Weapons that excel in PvP or PvE activities?

Yes, some Kinetic Weapons are designed with specific activity types in mind, offering advantages in either PvP or PvE scenarios. It’s recommended to explore different weapon options to find the best fit for your preferred activities.

Do Kinetic Weapons have limited ammo?

Kinetic Weapons rely on ammo drops but typically have a larger ammo capacity compared to energy or power weapons. Ammo scarcity depends on the activity and the player’s management of resources.

Can I use Kinetic Weapons alongside energy or power weapons?

Yes, players can equip Kinetic Weapons alongside energy and power weapons, allowing for a balanced loadout with different damage types and playstyle options.

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