Titan Builds For PvP And PvE in Destiny 2 For 2023

There was a new release for Destiny 2 which is called the season of the Haunted. Are you excited about it? We hope you are.

In this new release, there were a lot of new tools and characters added with which you can play. These new tools raise the question that whether a player can build more effective Titan Builds for PVP and PVE. 

We will be giving you some of the best Titan Builds that you can use for PVP and PVE in the game Destiny 2 which on perfect execution is the best. And will always give you positive results no matter what.

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The best Titan Builds for PVP in Destiny 2

There are many builds that you can go with but we are going to mention the absolute best builds and will let you know why you should play this build in the game for the PVP mode.

Shaxx’s Disciple

The main Titan who does not want too much to rely on the gimmicks in the game can go with this build. This is a very simple build that will help your weapons to be as responsive as possible in the game.

Consecrating Flame

This build uses the full power of Solar 3.0 which helps them to be very much crucible. With this build, the player can take full advantage of restoration and radiant effects and can become virtually immortal by the opponents if they can do the intelligent use of cover.

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Code of Kintsugi

This type of Titan Builds most of the time revolves around the placing of the ward of dawn super. Most of them are used in PVE mode but not the Code of Kintsugi though. In this, you have the precious scars exotic with the help of which you can create a protective cover shield for your team to help them on the battlefield.

Ravenous Firewalker

Titans in the game no anymore use the one-eyed mask or the Dunemarchers to get the advantage on the battlefield. With the help of this particular build, the Titans will be able to counter the stasis by activating the empowerment of their weapons for getting a huge damage buff.

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The best Titan Builds in PVE in Destiny 2

We will be mentioning the different builds in PVE mode just in the same way as we did with the PVP mode. Here they are:

Severe Flame

This build mainly uses the best ability of the sun breakers to stand out amongst the other builds. The roaring flames help you get access to bonus damage inflicted and also your uncharged melee to inflict scorch.

Volatile Light

This is a sentinel build for the PVE mode which helps you become a walking whirlwind of explosions.

Shattered Lance

No other build is as versatile as this one in the PVE mode. With the viable Diamond Lance, it adds the chaining of your abilities together which is very smooth and strong.

Ballistic Thundercrash

This is a great build that allows Titans to turn themselves into missiles to disintegrate their enemies.


If you can perfectly execute these particular builds then it is next to impossible for anyone to defeat you in Destiny 2 PVP and PVE mode.

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