Who Is The Witness Destiny 2 And Its Power In 2023?


Discover everything there is to know about The Witness, including who they are, what they seek, and their abilities, in Destiny 2.

The Witness, who has spent years operating in the shadows without a name or a clear reason, is one of The Witness Destiny 2’s most enigmatic characters.

Although The Witness appears to be as strong as The Traveller and is far more active as an entity, it is just as enigmatic as that huge para casual realm.

Lightfall provides additional insight into the Black Fleet’s commander, but many questions remain like who is The Witness Destiny 2?

The Witness Destiny 2

Using an exotic weapon that is sometimes disregarded in endgame-tier builds, The Witness Destiny 2 players have published their surprisingly potent Void Hunter build.

Hunter gamers should use the weapon while they can because the player’s Void build is so powerful that it may eventually result in the weapon being inoperable.

While choosing which subclass to focus on in The Witness Destiny 2 largely comes down to personal opinion, it should go without saying that the majority of the many builds for each subclass are incomparably unique.

In endgame-tier material, Warlocks and Titans occasionally end up being more useful than Hunters, though this isn’t always the case; Void Hunters in particular might be the most potent of the group.

What to See About The Witness Destiny 2?

The Witness, to put it crudely, is the most potent known Darkness entity in the Destiny series. It can shift planets between realities, exterminate Guardians and their Ghosts with a wave of its finger, and use the enigmatic Veil to carve a spatial opening inside The Traveller itself.

The Traveller and its command of Light have been pursued by the massive Black Fleet, commanded by The Witness, for billions of years. It is mostly to blame for the demise of numerous civilizations.

Who is The Witness Destiny 2?

The witness destiny 2

The Witness serves as both the major antagonist of the Light and Darkness Saga and the Destiny series’ up to this point main nemesis. Rhulk, Nezarec, and Calus are some of its Disciples, and it serves as the de facto leader of the Black Fleet.

The Witness, a being born of the Darkness itself, opposes any being connected to the Light, including The Traveller and the Guardians.

Its major goal is to destroy everyone who opposes it and its disciples in order to bring about “The Final Shape” of the cosmos.

The Witness had previously tried to kill The Traveller, but Savathûn, The Witch Queen’s cunning prevented it from succeeding.

Presently appears that the damage done was sufficient to trigger the Collapse, which almost wiped off the human species.

Through the Light fall trailers that have previously been released, The Witness’ power has already been partially shown.

However, it should be noted that what was demonstrated was only a small part of their power since their complete mastery of the Darkness has previously allowed them to relocate entire planets into a world that is under their control.

What is The True Form of The Witness?

The witness destiny 2

The Witness appears to have a pretty stereotypical humanoid alien physique in art and concept art when it is not wearing its signature costume, not resembling the Greys from extra-terrestrial mythology on Earth. Its scope is what makes it characteristic.

The Witness is not as big as The Traveller, but when measured against its prehistoric prey, it must be at least several thousand feet tall.

Its height would increase if the trail of Smokey faces emanating from its head were taken into account. The exact nature of The Witness is still mostly a mystery.

The Witness also uses the pronoun “we,” perhaps in a regal sense, but more likely in a literal sense.

The Witness is described by Savathun as a “being with a thousand names,” and it’s probable that it or its servants gather the essences of those they kill.

Numerous extinction-level disasters are caused by its Disciples, particularly Rhulk and the Hive.

The stream of faces emanating from the Witness’s head may be a form of exhaust if it derives its power from fundamentally eliminating life from the universe.

Or, to put it another way, it must constantly release the souls of those it has absorbed as a means of pressure relief lest even it suffers harm.

We additionally understand that The Witness is not all-powerful because it is unable to successfully communicate with The Traveller in the manner it wants to do so without the Veil (whatever that may be). That direction is still undetermined.

What powers does The Witness Destiny 2 have?

The witness destiny 2

We haven’t yet seen The Witness’s full potential given their enormous strength. We do know that they are able to shape-shift, induce visions, and manipulate the universe by erasing planets from time.

The Witness poses the greatest threat the universe has ever seen because they are extremely cunning and committed to achieving their objectives.

What does The Witness Destiny 2 want?

The Witness and the Darkness were once one and the same. The other complied with what the first desired. This is no longer accurate.

Darkness is a benevolent energy connected to the intangible, including memory, cognition, and metaphysical equilibrium. Within Darkness, everything exists in some form, and just like Light, some of it is present in everything.

The Witness, on the other hand, has goals. Its declared goal, which appears to begin at the conclusion of the Lightfall campaign, is to “commune with the Traveller and drink the Light,” according to the legend. It’s unclear what that procedure comprises.

One important source, the Unveiling lore book, offers insight into The Witness’s aims.


The Witness appears to consider every individual it interacts with as a tool for achieving that goal and does everything at its disposal to do so.

Our Guardians and its own Disciples are merely stepping stones that can be simply ignored once they are no longer necessary. It is steadfast and unwavering in its commitment to the ultimate form.

There are a number of minor details about The Witness, from its apparent fascination with Guardians to its apparent pity for The Traveller, as was demonstrated at the climax of Lightfall.

Interesting aspects of it include its relationship with sharp angles and straight lines as contrasted to The Traveller’s rounded edges and softness, as well as its capacity to communicate via gaps in space.

That’s The Witness, in a nutshell. There’s a lot more to talk about, just like in witness destiny 2, but hopefully, we’ve covered enough to get you interested in The Witness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Witness in Destiny 2?

The Black Fleet is led by the incredibly powerful Darkness-wielding creature known as The Witness, also referred to as the Entity or the Voice in the Darkness.
It has followed The Traveller for ages as part of its ultimate objective of bringing about the Final Shape, making it the primary nemesis of the Destiny series.

Is Lightfall the end of Destiny 2?

Will Destiny 2 come to an end after Lightfall? No, The Witness Destiny 2 won’t finish with Lightfall. Instead, it will serve as the prelude to the Light and Darkness Saga’s last act, which will be concluded in the following expansion.

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