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Symphony of Death Destiny 2 – In brief

In the Destiny 2 symphony of death quest, the main mission has been broken down into various phases and each of the phases can take a long time to complete. 

In order to achieve this goal, a player is required to first finish Eris on the Moon’s post-campaign mission Lunar Spelunker and after that kill Nightmares with Arc powers so that the Memory of Sai Mota can be received.

 At last, you will be needed to encounter Eris through a portal that is close to her customary location, as well as the Symphony of Death questline in the chest.

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Symphony of Death Quest Steps –

Here we are with the easy explanation of Symphony of Death destiny 2 steps:

Step 1: Exploration of the Circle of Bones (Complete Faculties of the Skull mission)

Exploring the circles of bones can help to figure out a way to combat the Hive.

This location is mainly filled with several hive enemies that have the capability to cause harm to the Guardian.

 The circles of bones in Destiny 2 Symphony of Death are deep underground on the Moon.

The players should head to the waypoint by marking the beginning of a mission later called “Faculties of the Skull” and complete it.

Step 2: Visiting Eris Morn 

The silent skull obtained in the previous step remains a mystery and the Hive’s Death song has only begun.

So to solve the mystery one has to go towards Eris Morn as she may have an idea of what to do with it.

Thus, you will need to walk towards the Eris Morn on the Moon and speak with her.

Step 3: Collecting Bones and Marrow

Eris Morn says that you should get some unique types of bones along with a special bone marrow that is essential for the weapon.

You mainly need to locate and collect these 3 specific items in order to proceed in Symphony of Death Destiny 2

Festering Bone- this bone can be achieved by doing a public event near Hellmouth on Moon.

Ritualistic Bone- to obtain ritualistic Bone the player is required to complete K1 Revelation Lost Sector on Moon.

Bone Collector’s Marrow- the marrow can be obtained by killing Bone Collector in Anchor of Light on the Moon.

Step 4: End to the High Conductor, Sulmakta in Scarlet Keep Strike

You are required to put an end to the High Conductor as per Toland, who plays a vital role due to their temporal bone. 

This helps in further progressing with the new weapon which can help in fighting the hive.

Step 5: Record the Screams of Your Enemies

To become more powerful you have to give a lot of pain to your foes. You must cause pain and devastation to your enemies if you want to provide the weapon with power. 

You have to win from all the combatants, elites, minibosses, bosses, and even Guardians to move forward by collecting a different set of screams.

One has to finish 100% of progress for the following:

Discomfort (Combatants)Pained Cries (Elites and Minibosses)Anguished Screams (Bosses or Guardians)

Step 6: Defeat the Deathsinger (finish Choir of the Damned)

Now the high time has arrived to obtain the skull of the Deathsinger which will be needed for your very new weapon.

 For this skull of the Deathsinger, the player is required to make a way toward the Circle of Bones as well as survive the Aria before facing the Deathsinger, Ir Airam.

Move towards the waypoint which marks the location of the Choir of the Damned mission and complete it.

Step 7: Put the Singing Skull to Eris Morn

As now you have taken Deathsinger’s skull, you should move back to Eris Morn so that she can finish the new instrument of war.

Thus, the last and single step is to go back to Eris Morn on the Moon and accept the new weapon.

Symphony of Death Destiny 2 Reward – 

Above we talk about how we can complete Symphony of Death quest destiny 2 but you must be curious to know about the reward it gives.

So after the completion of the Symphony of Death quest, you will be rewarded with the Deathbringer (Legendary Rocket Launcher).

Perks & Stats of Deathbringer in Symphony of Death quest destiny 2 –

Weapon Perks

Dark Deliverance – it fires remotely detonated projectiles that give Void orbs on the foe.

Dark Descent – as the Void orb falls with time, the detonation becomes more powerful.

Deathbringer Weapon Stats

Stability- 62

Handling- 69

Reload Speed- 40

Velocity- 46

Blast Radius- 95

Rounds Per Minute- 15

Magazine- 1

How do you get Deathbringer in Destiny 2 Symphony of death quest?

This is a vital thing to know when you have unlocked this fragment head towards the Lost Sector in Sorrow’s Harbor. 

Once you have completed it there will be an extra exit with a few red guardian ghosts floating around. 

You need to follow the path until you reach a glass door that needs the fragment to unlock. Then you will achieve the quest Memory of Sai Mota.

Upgradation of the necklace

The Memory of Sai Mota says the players to find fragments of Sia Mota’s necklace across the Moon which are 20, in total. 

In order to get these pieces, you have to defeat or kill enemies with the Nightmare indicator that is before their name. 

The simplest and perfect way of doing so is to venture to Sorrow’s Harbor as well harvesting anything that spawns. 

You will be awarded two fragments of the necklace per kill, and remember that it will take at least ten enemies to fully finish the quest. 

Now you need to get the location of the Eris Morn, this time she will be inside the portal next to where you can usually find her. 

Just open the chest and complete the mission

You will see a chest behind Eris after you have spoken to her. you have to open it to get the Faculties of the Skull quest step. 

This indicates that you must find the Circle of Bones, which is found in Hellmouth. After the quest has been activated the quest follows the markers and defeats everything that becomes an obstacle in your path until you have picked up the Silent Skull to continue the mission, Symphony of Death. 

As provided in the quest information, you are required to complete the K1 Revelation Lost Sector- located in Sorrow’s Harbour, – then complete a public event in Hellmouth, as well as defeat the Bone Collector in the Anchor of Light area.

Since the Bone Collector is a random spawn, it may take some patience and time.

Kill the High Conductor

The High Conductor is quite a simple Deathbringer quest step, you just need to complete the Scarlet Keep strike.

While you play through it you will come across a special enemy, Kill it, and that is all there is to do in it.

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Kill all the enemies present on the Moon

The Of Darkest Harmonie’s quest step does not need to end on the Moon but surely there’s an advantage if you do. 

Although this is time-consuming it is not hard. It is suggested to head towards Sorrow’s Harbor once again and try to kill everything you can. 

You should continue doing that until you have ticked off as many of the steps as possible before moving forward toward the remaining Lost Sectors.

This might take around one and two hours if it’s solo but is far more efficient as a Fireteam.

Defeat Ir Airam, Deathsinger

So at last, as you achieved the skull, you are left with only one last mission, inside the Circle of Bones.

You should reach Power Level 920, it is a simple trick and it can also be done at lower levels with a team of three.

Once the mission begins you will get a debuff that can be removed by defeating a certain wizard’s shield.

Rinse and repeat this step until all of the enemies are destroyed and then return to Eris to have the Deathbringer rocket launcher. 


We have shared all the important terms related to the symphony of death destiny 2. We hope you like our guide if yes then please spread the article on the internet to help others.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the usage of Deathbringer Exotic Armament?

the Deathbringer is an exotic weapon in Destiny 2 which is very exclusive to some of the expansions such as the Shadowkeep. 
 Since the game has introduced the rockets which can easily divide into multiple projectiles for optimum range as well as damage.
In Deathbringer the Intrinsic park is Dark Deliverance which is used to shoot various projectiles that can be detonated remotely. It has some other benefits also that include Volatile Launch, Alloy Casing, Dark Descent, and Composite Stock. 
 Another good thing about Deathbringer is that it reloads faster than most rocket launchers, which makes it a powerful asset to your arsenal.

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