Where To Use Strange Key Destiny 2 In 2023?

A historical artifact from Destiny 2 is called the Strange Key. This item can be lost extremely simply, much like every other quest item in the game. After all, it is simply referred to as the Strange Key.

If you received this, you probably don’t know where to distribute it, which is understandable. You’ll want to see this thing get to its intended location, we assure you. Find it by looking around!

One alluring and much-desired object that has a crucial role to play in the world of the game is the strange key destiny 2. Numerous Guardians have been captivated by the Strange Key’s mystifying charm, which has piqued their interest and motivated them to discover its secrets.

Here we will provide you with all details about Where to use strange key destiny 2?, How to use strange key destiny 2? Or what to do with strange key destiny 2.

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Where to use strange key destiny 2?

Strange key destiny 2

The Magnum Opus questline with Xur in Eternity includes Strange Key Destiny 2 as a component. It may be acquired by finishing the “Brave” Strange Favour Rank before getting it for free from Xur.

Go to Eternity and find Where to use strange key destiny 2, the purple smoke in Xur’s Dominion if you have a Strange Key in your Possession:

  • You can use the key and enter the tower by interacting with the little rectangular block you discover on the right side of the Valley.
  • You must complete Dares of Eternity runs before you can start Xur’s questline. You can use these to collect Strange Coins, which are required to finish Star Horse Bounties. Since you only need to perform three totals, try to select tasks that are simple for you to complete.
  • Reach rank 4 to earn ranks from Xur’s bounties. Just purchase the key from his store once you arrive. No need to worry—it’s free!
  • Simply pass through Xur’s domain and turn into a room filled with an odd, purple fog if you haven’t been to the Valley before.
  • It’s difficult to see the block in the Valley. On the right side, it is surrounded by a small group of rocks. It will specifically protrude from the top of a smaller batch, at eye level. Don’t stray too far because it is close to the spawn area!

Head to the crack back towards the beginning after unlocking the rectangle. You can simply enter that area, which will be glowing purple, and follow the cave from there.

To reach the end, you will need to perform some parkour, but once there, you will be able to obtain the Anomalous Object. You’ll receive the Forerunner Exotic if you bring that to Banshee-44.

How to use strange key destiny 2?

Strange key destiny 2

Follow these guidelines for How to use strange key destiny 2 effectively:

  • Obtain the Key: Obtain the Strange Key from Xur, who is in the domain of Eternity, after achieving the prestigious Strange Favour Rank of “Brave” through your heroic acts. After achieving level 4 in Xur’s bounty, the key can be obtained for free.
  • Journey to Xur’s Dominion: Xur’s Dominion Journey Enter the ethereal realm of Eternity now that you have the Strange Key safely stored in your inventory. Look for the alluring tendrils of purple smoke that lead your way from Xur’s Dominion.
  • Locate the Hidden Rectangular Block: Find the Hidden Rectangular Block by moving through the vast Valley while keeping a close eye on the right side. A small rectangular brick is discretely waiting to be found, hidden within a group of rocks. To start using the Strange Key’s abilities, interact with this inconspicuous device.
  • Ascend the Tower: Enter a grand, towering structure that looms before you by deftly applying the Strange Key to the rectangular block. Allow its enigmas to draw you deeper into its depths.
  • Embark on the Quest: Continue along the immersive questline as it unfolds, assiduously seeking the goals and overcoming the obstacles in your way. Explore various locations, overcome difficult challenges, and reveal the well-kept secrets that are just waiting to be discovered.
  • Reap the Rewards: Reap the Benefits: As you correctly complete the questline’s challenging requirements and navigate its intricate layout, a bountiful bounty of highly sought-after loot will be yours to keep. Get ready to enjoy picking up precious loot, potent equipment, and possibly even the elusive allure of exotic goods.

Keep in mind that the strange Key Destiny 2 is a fantastic object that is closely linked to certain tasks and difficulties within the enormous Destiny 2 world.

Make sure you obediently follow the linked questline to fully experience the engrossing adventure that waits. Accept the mystery of the odd strange key and then watch as your destiny plays out in this breathtaking cosmos.

What to do with strange key destiny 2?

Strange key destiny 2

To advance in the Magnum Opus questline, you must enter the Treasure Hoard’s valley after obtaining the strange key destiny 2.

You can find what to do with strange Key, it is behind your spawn spot. To get the Anomalous Object in this region, you will need to solve a tricky jumping task.

Return to the Tower and see Banshee once you have successfully taken possession of the Anomalous Object. You may now claim your well-earned reward, the exotic sidearm known as the Forerunner, by handing him the anomalous object.

The remarkable resemblance between the Forerunner and the venerable Magnum Pistol from the Halo video games will delight fans of the Halo franchise.


Guardians have the chance to discover mysterious things within the game’s environment thanks to the strange key destiny 2.

It encourages exploration and encourages players to solve the secrets that are waiting to be discovered.

With the strange key destiny 2, embrace the trip and let fate lead you to a world of limitless opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

What is the mysterious key used for?

You can enter the area, which contains only a single Gold Chest, by using the Mysterious Key on the locked door of Doma’s Shop.

Where is Xur in Destiny?

On one of the four worlds— Titan, European Dead Zone, IO, Nessus, or the Tower—in the public sphere, he will appear.

What is the point of magnum opus?

It has been used for scientific procedures and chemical color changes, utilized as a model for the individuation process, and as a literary and artistic device. In the Hermetic tradition, it has been used to describe both personal and spiritual change.

Where do I use the strange key in Destiny 2?

Go to Xur’s Dominion in Eternity and locate the little rectangular block in the Valley to utilize the Strange Key. To enter the tower, interact with it using the Strange Key.

What is the purpose of the strange Key Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, the Strange Key is a key item that opens a particular questline and its related challenges leading to special prizes.

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