Shattered Throne Map Destiny 2 2023

The Shattered Throne is Destiny 2’s closest equivalent to a dungeon. The Shattered Throne is more like a mini-raid, with two monsters with distinct mechanics and plat developing throughout vast regions, whereas Strikes are simple assignments designed to be farmed.

It’s also only offered three times a year. If you don’t want to raid, the throne map is arguably the finest way to get loot and have fun in the game.

We’ll go through how to defeat each section of the dungeon in this guide, as well as some strategies for making the big confrontations considerably simpler.

You’ll need to get to the dungeon’s entrance to begin your journey. The quickest route to the map is to go straight from the Dreaming City’s landing zone, hugging the left wall. Continue walking until you reach the enormous structure that houses the Oracle.

A bridge near a Cliffside walk descending downward may be found to its left. Continue down this road until you get to a gateway.

Follow the corridors until you get to a chamber with a narrow ray of light going through it. The entrance to the Shattered Throne map is near the back of the chamber.

At the far end of the chamber, a door opens, revealing a hidden location where the boss is hiding. As the door closes and the action begins, the teams convene in this chamber, and a player scans the scene.

After killing the first wizard on the left, make your way around the area in a clockwise orientation as a group. The drop is very straight, and there are a few opponents of Shattered Throne on the way down.

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The Snake Of Infinity Symbol –

Look back at this map if you become lost, and keep a check on your radar for hostile pings. To complete the shattered Throne first encounter map, travel to the southern area of the map and kill or eliminate the attackers.

The Infinity Snake sign can be found at the top of this map, and you may use it to eliminate foes there.

When all of the adversaries have been defeated, a sign will emerge, directing you to the map. You have the option of running over the entire region in quest of this sign and killing all foes in the group before being returned back to where you started.

When you defeat the last boss, you’ll have completed your quest for the card of the broken Throne.

Dream City Is Plagued By A Powerful Curse-

The shattered throne dungeon map in Destiny 2 may not be immediately visible to players who have not yet spent time exploring it, but it is rather simple to locate. As you approach the massive gateway, you’ll notice the dungeon’s mission banner.

The shattered throne dungeon map is the simplest component of the Shattered Throne map, yet it might take a long time to complete if done correctly.

Every three weeks, it will be published on the Curse of the Dreaming Cities and its curse. The curse is particularly severe in Dream City, where players gain access to the Shattered Throne, a nightmare world.

The Easiest Approach To The Broken Throne Is Through A Large Cathedral-Style Structure-

You’ll arrive at a large Cathedral-style edifice with a diving bird emblem on the rear wall as you arrive at Shattered Throne.

Entering the Dreaming City’s landing zone and hugging the left wall is the shortest path to the broken Throne. The Broken Throne’s entrance is located at the back of the chamber, where a light emission may be seen.

This map depicts the shattered throne labyrinth map, the first challenging sector of Shattered Throne.

With this helpful fan-created map, you can easily navigate this location. This map is known as the Labyrinth, a collection of pictures that direct programmed searches. It is one of the seven sanctuaries in the shattered Throne labyrinth map.

Hidden Bosses –

Secret bosses – This mission requires the player to return to Eleusinia & defeat the three hidden bosses atop the broken Throne. To beat the shattered Throne first encounter map, you must also clear the seven churches on the map.

The Wizards Monitor, the map’s principal manager, uses it to collect the spheres that drop four wizards (their own, an entourage, or an opponent) and deposit them in one of the four circles, one of which is a light field.

Collect the balls you drop and set them in one lamp in the middle of the arena after slaying the four wizards and their retinue.

Firefighter Assignment –

A fireman assignment is used to identify a player who has been injured by Vorgeth missiles. Anarchy and Wither Hoard can be used to inflict lasting harm on Gareth by solo players who desire to stay faultless.

Anyway, if there’s one thing shattered throne map destiny 2 is all about, it’s leaders. This tutorial is the first Prison of Destiny 2 with considerable resources, whether you treat the card as a collection of experienced players or attempt to make it on your own. According to Godspeed, this strategy guide works best with a group of single players.

Destiny 2 Dream City

For the initial area of Erebus, the skilled player community has prepared a useful map. This map will be a huge benefit whether you are touring the location for the first time with a group of experienced gamers or trying to explore it on your own.

As beautiful as the broken Throne is, players who wish to kill foes with strong stats and armor must use the Dream City weapon again and again.

The Guardians must destroy Dul Incaru before his curse consumes the entire region in order to reach Dream City in Shattered Throne. The game’s internal rationale is that the scourge disappears every three weeks after you defeat him.

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The Assaulting Player’s Size Is Scaled On The Shattered Throne Map

The Shattered Throne Map, like Predetermin2, scales the assaulting player, but not by a large number of assaults. Each new dungeon in the game is a mini-raid that may be conquered by a three-person squad and results in victory.

Strikes are distinct objectives focused on nurturing the shattered map’s first encounter into something more than a tiny conventional attack, emphasizing the remarkable physics of platform construction under extreme conditions.

As part of a secret boxing mission, you may be required to finish the new dungeon, The Map, so be sure to read our instructions.

The new prison will emerge in Curse of the Week, so choose the one you like and grab the exotic bow if you plan on finishing it.

The Forsaken Expansion

The Shattered Throne’s third expansion, The Forsaken, is the eighth expansion in shattered throne map Destiny 2’s existence.

The tremendous fall to the broken Throne boosts the power of the players and balances them out to the current season’s soft cap.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to be the ultimate administrator of the broken Throne’s map. Forget is a colossal ogre who guards four wizards and their retinue against danger.

It has the strength to smash an ogre and protect the four sorcerers, each with his own army of adversaries.

All You Need To Know About Destiny 2’s Map

If you want to see the map, you’ll have to go on a different route. Keep a lookout for a large edifice with Oracle on it and turn left as soon as you exit the mystery box.

You should be able to see a road heading up there along some precipices that will eventually bring you into one of those jail passageways!

Following that voyage, the first section of the book will consist of a twisting series of passageways meant to put your talents to the test. You’ll have to clean each refuge in a certain order while staying focused on the crucial things.

Don’t get too lost traveling Return to your original sector once you’ve finished cleaning the sanctuaries efficiently.

There should be a smaller-than-normal manager waiting for you with plunder drops ready to go. If you’re worried about getting lost, have no worries!

The Labyrinth – Shattered Throne Labyrinth Map

You’ll need a map after you’ve entered the windswept, monochrome Ascendant Realm. I’ve built one, and it should work better than the MS Paint versions that are circulating.

The shattered throne labyrinth map, the first and most intricate location of the Shattered Throne, is depicted on the map.

The aim is to empty out all seven temples in the shattered throne labyrinth map in a specific order, as indicated by the symbols on our map.

Because the sequence changes every time, it’s crucial to understand how the temples are connected. Regardless, you’ll always begin and conclude at the ‘diving bird’ sign on the lower, middle temple.

When the shattered throne first encounter map begins, keep going straight until you reach the diving bird temple, then kill the yellow-bar ultra-inside and continue these procedures as well –

  • On the floor, another symbol will emerge.
  • Next, look for that symbol on the map and go to the temple that corresponds to it.
  • Return to the diving bird cathedral by following our map and repeating the process.
  • There will be a last mini-boss. Kill it to get your valuable stuff, then go on to the next phase.
  • Your journey through the game will be long and winding, but if you trust our guidance, you’ll find your way back.

If we don’t want to run into any more imps, you should proceed straight ahead from here on out!

The Trek Of The Shattered Throne Map:

A straight path may be found at the foot of the aperture. Follow it until you come to a stop in an open area.

To get out the Taken Vandals slaughtering from above, make something with a long-range. Something else, keep going.

When you reach the top, you’ll see another minibus parked in front of a large door. You know just what to do.

Vorgeth, The Boundless Hunger Shattered Throne Map:

It’s a fantastic chance for Shattered Throne’s main supervisor. Forget is a massive Taken Ogre guarded by four Wizards, each with their own set of enemies.

The goal of this adventure is to assassinate Vorgeth’s Wizard watches, collect the spheres that fall from them, and put each of the four circles in one of the field’s lights.

It will knock Vorgeth’s shield down, allowing you to DPS him. Getting to that point requires a lot of careful planning and spread shooting, so let’s go through the battle.

Dul Incaru shattered Throne Map:

The remainder of the journey is long but simple. There are a lot of enemies and some tricky leaps, such as divider-mounted bloopers that will knock you off your feet. However, it isn’t really noteworthy or novel.

Continue rising while following the troublemakers. Finally, you’ll arrive at a little sanctuary zone, which is home to the Shattered Throne’s last supervisor: Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return. We should go through the mechanics because she’s easier than Vorgeth but also whole different combat.

The teeny-tiny arena is the main challenge here. It doesn’t provide many shelters from Dul Incaru’s strikes, and it’s so tiny that you can’t get very far away from the Taken Champions.

  • When the action starts, get out of the front entryway and walk to one of the sides for more coverage.
  • Because Champions are so simple to headshot, Whisper of the Worm is ideal for killing them. It also staggers them.
  • The Whisper of the Worm and machine guns are quite powerful in this area. Use Celestial Nighthawk Golden Gun, Chaos Reach, or Well of Radiance to get supers.
  • Titans may use Melting Point and Hammer of Sol to attack. During this phase, Vorgeth will fire volleys of homing shadow orbs at you, killing you if you don’t shoot them down.
  • If you feel the necessity, appoint someone to be the orb wrangler. You just need to destroy three orbs to be safe, although shooting all four isn’t a bad idea.
  • You can safely ignore the orbs if you’re in a Well of Radiance.
  • In the first DPS cycle, try to kill Vorgeth. Because you’ll be exposed after the DPS cycle stops, the second Wizard spin will be considerably tougher.

If you don’t kill him the first time, take shelter, melt the nearest Wizard, and start working counterclockwise again. You’ll acquire your stuff when Vorgeth dies.


This ends our tutorial on the Destiny 2 shattered throne map. We hope you now have a decent understanding of this amazing map in the game. If you’ve been pondering how to clear this map, you’re not alone.

Destiny 2’s Dreaming City is progressively being corrupted by Taken adversaries since the conclusion of The Last Wish.

It’s also steadily revealing new mysteries and content, such as Destiny’s very first raid, The Shattered Throne.

This will pit you against some really powerful foes, and finding the dungeon in the first place might be difficult – so here’s what you need to know.

The Destiny 2 map is not clear to players who haven’t yet spent time exploring it, but there is a simple method to find it.

When they get close to this gateway, they’ll see a quest banner with directions on how to enter their first challenge!

Frequently Ask Questions

Can you take on the broken throne by yourself?

There is several shattered throne map first encountered in Shattered Throne. It will take a long time for a player to accomplish this dungeon for the first time, much alone finish it without dying. The greatest method to improve at Shattered Throne is to play it more.

Who do you think cursed the Dreaming City?

Riven’s ambition to destroy the Taken Ahamkara cursed the city, distorting it into an in-between physical reality and the Ascendant Plane, with Taken energies saturating and engulfing vast swaths of the city.

What is the total number of bosses in the broken throne?

The Shattered Throne dungeon includes two monsters, both of whom, like many other shattered throne map destiny 2 bosses, need particular prerequisites to be defeated. They’re both immune to injury till then.

What is the best way to defeat the ogre boss in the broken throne?

Unfortunately, there are Ogres who can push you down the cliff and kill you. Move slowly and clear out the Ogres as they spawn in, much as you did in the sniper chamber.
There will also be Taken orbs of death that will rotate. While you can potentially hop around these, it’s safer to avoid them and take a long way around.

On what planet does the dreaming city exist?

The raid is held at the Keep of Voices, which is located in the heart of the city. The region is around the same size as Nessus.

What is the duration of the broken throne?

From start to end, it took us roughly 40-45 minutes. One of the guys had previously completed the task, so he knew what to do. It can take a long time if you’re all going in blind.

In the broken throne, how many secret chests are there?

This is the activity to do each week if you require excellent armor. In Shattered Throne, there are two secret chests that will guarantee you a Dreaming City weapon or armor piece.

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