How To Get Rain Of Fire Destiny 2 And Use It In 2023?


Rain of Fire Destiny 2 is an exotic specifically designed for Warlocks that have proven to be exceptionally valuable in the current Meta.

As a live game, Destiny 2 is always in flux with its gameplay and mechanics, and what may have been strong in one month could easily become weak in the next.

However, the Rain of Fire Destiny 2 build is one that is likely to remain top-tier for a long time to come. This article will detail how to acquire and optimize the Rain of Fire Destiny 2 uses exotic.

Stats for Rain of Fire

Rain of Fire Destiny 2

You receive three advantages from Rain of Fire Destiny 2:

  • Automatic Reload: All of your equipped weapons are automatically reloaded when you use Icarus Dash.
  • Enhanced Airborne Efficiency: When you shoot your fusion weapons in the air, they are more effective.
  • Gather Radiance: Fusion rifle‘s last blows will temporarily turn you Radiant.

In Rain of Fire Destiny 2 appears to be intended to increase the potency of the Vex Mythoclast catalyst. It’s already a powerful weapon on its own.

But when combined with the Rain of Fire Destiny 2, you may quickly annihilate your adversaries by utilizing its improved aerial effectiveness.

How to get Rain of Fire Destiny 2?

Rain of Fire Destiny 2

The Rain of Fire is a powerful piece of gear that is only available during the Rain of fire destiny 2 events. This event takes place periodically throughout the year and features new challenges, objectives, and loot. Here’s how to get the Rain of Fire Exotic Leg Armor in Destiny 2:

Step 1: Wait for the Rain of Fire Event to Start

The Rain of Fire event is only available during certain times of the year, typically lasting for a few weeks at a time. You can check the Destiny 2 calendar to see when the event is scheduled to take place.

Step 2: Participate in the Rain of Fire Event

To have a chance at getting the Rain of Fire Exotic Leg Armor, you’ll need to participate in the Rain of Fire event. This event features a series of objectives and challenges that you’ll need to complete to earn rewards and loot.

Step 3: Earn Rain of Fire Engrams

As you progress through the Rain of Fire event, you’ll earn Rain of Fire Engrams. These Engrams contain a variety of loot, including the Rain of Fire Exotic Leg Armor.

Step 4: Complete the Rain of Fire Event Triumph

To increase your chances of getting the Rain of Fire Exotic Leg Armor, you’ll need to complete the Rain of Fire Event Triumph.

This Triumph is a special objective that requires you to complete all of the objectives and challenges in the Rain of Fire event.

Step 5: Decrypt Rain of Fire Engrams

Once you’ve earned enough Rain of Fire Engrams, you’ll need to decrypt them to see if you’ve earned the Rain of Fire Exotic Leg Armor.

Head to the Cryptarch in the Tower or the Farm to decrypt your Engrams and see what loot you’ve earned.

Step 6: Rain of fire destiny 2 use

If you’re lucky enough to get the Rain of Fire Exotic Leg Armor, make sure to equip it on your character.

This powerful piece of gear offers unique benefits that can help you to become more powerful and effective in combat.

Getting the Rain of Fire Destiny 2 requires participating in the Rain of Fire event, earning Rain of Fire Engrams, completing the Rain of Fire Event Triumph, decrypting your Engrams, and finally using the Armor on your character.    

How does Rain of Fire Destiny 2 build?

Rain of Fire Destiny 2

The Rain of Fire build in Destiny 2 is centered around the Rain of Fire exotic leg Armor for Warlocks. This build is specifically designed for players who favor airborne combat and fusion rifles.

The Rain of Fire is exotic and provides several benefits, including causing the Icarus Dash to reload all equipped weapons, increasing the effectiveness of fusion rifles while airborne, and granting Radiance for a few seconds upon fusion rifle kills.

This build pairs perfectly with the Vex Mythoclast, a potent fusion rifle. The goal of the Rain of Fire build is to stay airborne as much as possible, utilizing Heat Rises to increase the time spent in the air and dealing massive damage with the Vex Mythoclast.

Rain of Fire Destiny 2 uses

Rain of fire destiny 2 uses don’t sound particularly unique on paper. It has three main effects: it makes the Icarus Dash reload all loaded weapons; it changes fusion rifle kills to award Radiance for a short period of time; and it improves fusion rifle airborne effectiveness.

Icarus Dash reloads are normally highly helpful, but the benefits of the fusion gun are rather particular. In this instance, an unusual piece of armor appears to have been designed for a particular specific weapon, the Vex Mythoclast.

Much though the Mythoclast is a strong weapon in any situation, it becomes much more effective when combined with the Rain of Fire.

Equip them both, and then fly. Receiving a kill will enhance your damage by Radiance. You can receive even greater stability and damage from it if you have the Vex Mythoclast catalyst.

To stay in the air for a lot longer and get a lot more bang for your buck, use your grenades with Heat Rises. If you carry out all of these actions, the Crucible will transform you into a demon.


The Rain of Fire event is a challenging and exciting addition to Destiny 2, providing players with a unique and engaging game mode that requires teamwork, skill, and strategy.

Whether you are a veteran player or a newcomer to the game, the Rain of Fire event is sure to provide hours of thrilling gameplay and plenty of exciting rewards to earn.

That is how you get the rain of fire destiny 2. We sincerely hope that this enabled your Warlock to conquer PVP games.

Frequently asked questions

How do you get Rain of Fire Destiny 2?

On a day when leg armor is dropping from the Lost Sector, you can obtain the Rain of Fire. Once it is, you must finish the Lost Sector by yourself. There are many guides available online, including ones for each of the possible Lost Sectors on this website.

What is Rain of Fire?

A Free-for-All game called Rain of Fire pits ten players against one another to defend their populations from missiles. By day, take out opponents and amass wealth. Remove your personnel from perilous situations at night.

What level is Rain of Fire?

A level 38 Destruction warlock spell called Rain of Fire deals Fire damage to the specified area over the course of 8 seconds.

How effective is Rain of Fire airborne?

Fusion Rifles and Linear Fusion Rifles are passively given 30 Airborne Effectiveness.

How do I get the exotic warlock Glaive?

Combat advise and how to unlock the Glaive. The Glaive is impossible to overlook. When you begin the Witch Queen campaign, you will find a Relic inside Savathûn’s Throne World that you can use with the equipment back at the Mars Enclave.

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