How To Complete The Preservation Mission Destiny 2 In 2023?

The Preservation mission destiny 2 is an entertaining task that is given to players. They are commanded to infiltrate the pyramid ship to clear Outscorn.

But in order to get it done they need to complete a puzzle. With this, they will be able to get their hands on the exotic ghost shell.

In order to play this impressive mission you need to report the pyramid-inspect quest.

You can provide the reports from the Mars enclave evidence board. It is a mission that takes place in a similar swamp.

So, accomplishing the Preservation mission destiny 2 puzzle is important as it can clear the hurdles from your path.

Besides that, it is an entertaining game that is providing remarkable entertainment.

The Destiny 2 preservation mission and solving symbol puzzles within can help you to lore entries.

This will be helpful when you are planning to raid the exotic ghost shell. If you want to unravel more about this mission and game then take a closer look at the points listed below.

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Ways to unlock destiny 2 Preservation mission 

According to Preservation mission destiny, 2 secrets are accessible if you have a specific mission given by the evidence board at the Mars enclave.

On top of that, the players are required to head there and get accurate reports regarding the pyramid to inspect the mission.

It is a task that players can complete to clear the preservation mission.

If you are unable to get the pyramid to inspect reports from the evidence board then ensure you have the robust evidence quest in Savathun’s throne world.

All of these things are interrelated and offer remarkably easier ways to accomplish this mission. In the following points we have mentioned some preservation mission objectives:

Rid sunken pyramid of scorn

  • Before taking entry into the sunken pyramid make sure that you have sufficient weapons. With this, you will be able to defeat the projection of the Savathun that is present at the entrance. This might eliminate the enemies present out there.
  • The experts are suggesting players continue moving forward on the desired path. Keep on moving until you reach a knowledge device that requires power. Once you have reached the device then the enemies will start appearing and you should defeat them.
  • With this, you can easily approach the pickups and collect them and bring them along with a knowledge device. It is going to move forward once you’ve collected all the available devices in the selected area.

Pro Tips 

  • When you are powering the knowledge device you are allowed to kill the knowledge bearer. With this, you can begin collecting and ignoring other enemies present in the respective area.
  • On top of that, you are allowed to start over with the puzzle if you feel like you have made mistake. There are possibilities that you might drop hints unknowingly so beware of it.
  • Now you are allowed to take cover during the last fight which is going to take place against 3 fanatic’s ocean. There is a bunch of different enemies who are going to attack you at once and consider the safety cover.

Ways to clear the boat and get into the pyramid

You must know Preservation mission destiny 2 not showing up until you have cleared the boat to get into the pyramid.

Multiple players are unaware of the fact that Destiny 2: the witch queen is on a mission called Preservation mission destiny 2.

This is a mission where the players are required to raid open and get their first encounter. So they will be able to unlock some interesting things along with the secrets present there within the darkness of the pyramid.

The listed points can help you to unveil easier and more comfortable ways to unlock this mission and additional perks.

Opening door

When you visit the initial spawn then the massive door will appear in front of you. this door is guarded by the projection of Savathun.

But there are some other hives of enemies that you should be aware of. On top of that, this is the mission that will progress when you kill the projection.

Once you are done beating the projection the doors will automatically open and you can enter. this is the path that will take you near the boat.

On top of that, the users are allowed to hop on their sparrows to make everything quicker.

Boat guiding

After entering the door you will reach the clearing and in the center, you will notice the dark boat.

The players are allowed to use this boat to shuttle to the pyramid in order to open the door.

But when you touch this boat you might need to deal with the small group of enemies that will spawn.

 Besides enemies, you need to deal with the knowledge bearer abomination as well. Moreover, when the abomination is alive the players aren’t able to stand in the orange circle around the boat.

There you will start gaining stacks of pervading darkness.

It is going to debuff the stakes to 10. With this, the players are going to face less visibility and higher stacks will be there to climb.

But if the stacks reach a higher level then there are possibilities it can kill you. So take steps accordingly and beware of the things happening around you to get favorable results.

Kill the enemies to get Preservation mission destiny 2 scannable. Besides that, you need to kill the abomination to spawn nine collectibles that are present on the ground.

These are the ones that are allowing you to get the stacks of knowledge.

Navigating pyramid

Once you’ve got entry into the pyramid then you will be able to enter the large room. You need to head to the right corner and then you will notice the large hole in the ground and jump down.

You will get the open doorway then will help you to get the way out of it.

Now you need to move forward until you enter the room where the symbols are on the podium.

It is a place where you can do a lot of puzzles regarding the lore books. Now, leave this room from the opposite side and get ready to beat enemies.

Fighting the scorn

There’s a small room where you are going to see small group enemies that you should kill. If you are playing a solo there are possibilities you might die.

But if you have sufficient skills and an exquisite team then you can easily wipe out the enemies without hustling a lot.

The gamers should know that the fight uses a symbol from the raid. Gamers need to kill the enemies present in the room and then it will reveal the symbol on the back of the wall.

Now you need to make a way to STOP symbol and kill the enemies that stand in your way.

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Ways to get imperious sun exotic ghost shell

In order to get your hands on the imperious sun exotic ghost spell you should have the 10 entries of the shattered sun’s lore book.

With this, the users are allowed to get the opportunity to unlock five entries of the book. It ensures that they can easily complete the Destiny 2 preservation puzzle five times.

After that, you can unlock the remaining five collecting secret audio diaries at the end of preservation.

When you have a walkthrough for the complete mission we have got the details along with a comprehensive guide to complete the puzzle while getting information about all five audio diaries.

  • The gamers are allowed to collect all five Destiny 2 preservation audio diaries within a single run of a specific mission. Besides that, you can easily complete the puzzle if you have at least two other players who can help you out.
  • There’s a fact that you must know that the mission can be completed within a single run. So it will be helpful for players to have a skilled and talented team. There is no limitation regarding the number of times you can do a puzzle. On top of that, you are allowed to complete the puzzle to return to orbit and have an opportunity to start the mission over again.

Ways to complete the preservation destiny 2 puzzles

The Preservation mission destiny 2 puzzle needs you to interact with some symbols tablets to enter a specific code.

With this, you can easily solve the puzzle and remember you can’t complete this mission alone.

On top of that, users are allowed to solve the puzzle in the vow of disciple raid where you need to have skills and talented five other players.

These players can help you to solve the puzzle effortlessly and unravel the symbol code.

Moreover, the wall present on the right side of the entrances to the puzzle room can help you to get noticed and there are some tall windows as well.

But the windows are also blocked by the bars except for one.

With this, you can easily jump into the small room where you can find a small room with a wall that contains four columns.

However, you will notice three different symbols on it that signify something else.

The Preservation mission destiny 2

There are a couple of different ways that you can try to get the shattered sun’s lore pages. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is a game filled with thrill and remarkable entertainment.

You can play it with your friends and loved ones as it is a multiplayer game.

Moreover, the users need to solve the first puzzle in the preservation mission. Here they need to take a vow of the disciple raid on top whereas you need to solve the second one as fast as possible. Users are allowed to solve the second puzzle at once.

After eliminating the final bosses of the preservation mission you get 25 minutes to walk around. Within this span, you want to walk around and look for the intractable podiums.

Podium 1

This is a podium that is present at the place where you have defeated the final boss. It is available on the edge facing the giant worm.

Podium 2

Podium 2 is present at the back right of the arena. This is the place from where you can encounter one of the raids.

On top of that, you are enabled to get there after combating the bosses and head back into the room and take left. You need to head straight until you notice the podium 2.

Podium 3

You are going to get podium 3 which is available at the right entrance of the arena. It is present on the top of the small building that can be seen from the front of the entrance door.

Podium 4

It is a podium that is present in the given room. This is the first room that you need to enter in order to complete the final encounter of the given mission. Podium 4 is present at the back of the room.

Podium 5

Players can get to see podium number 5 in the STOP room. It is the second room that you need to enter to deal with the final encounter of the mission.

The symbol wall

The developers of the game are providing access to the area through a raid or the preservation mission.

You can easily do this puzzle once every run and if you have friends then we suggest you raid with your friends.

You are required to head into an acquisition encounter and wipe after every code. But the best thing is the door will remain open and so you can easily head back and repeat the process multiple times. However, 3 different symbols might appear in the second row i.e.

  • Kill: shoot the symbol present below it.
  • Enter: the melee symbol can be seen that is present below it.
  • Commune: here you need to interact with the symbol present underneath.


The Preservation mission destiny 2 is a game filled with numerous missions. It ensures remarkable entertainment where you can spend time with your friends and complete missions according to elaborated information.

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