A Complete Guide On Operation Seraph’s Shield For 2023

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer game that comes with advanced features and thrilling challenging missions. Recently the game creators have introduced Operation Seraph’s Shield in Destiny 2.

It is an exotic mission that comes with combat, puzzles, additional features, a couple of nods, and a bit of platforming traits.

In this mission, the guardian needs to face scorn, hive, and fall throughout this long mission. Thanks to the creators who have introduced the fire team of up to 3 players that also challenges this mission.

Once the mission is completed the guardians are going to earn new yet exotic pulse rife along with revision zero.

The Destiny 2 Operation Seraph’s Shield mission offers easier access but before that players need to unlock the quest.

This quest is known as “The Final Shape” whereas to unlock it you need to progress far in “More Than A Weapon”.

Let’s take a deep dive into the crucial aspects of this mission and unveil more regarding it. Have a look:

Operation Seraph’s Shield guide: rewards and toughest variants

The Operation Seraph’s Shield guide shows that there are two different difficult variants available i.e. Legend and normal.

Therefore, the Legend difficulty is quite similar to the setting in the “Witch Queen Campaign” by ramping up the opponent’s HP.

This might restrict your power level advantage whereas no champions or mechanic differences are present in any of the difficulty modes.

On top of that, the normal one has no gameplay modifiers to speak about but the legend has 4 difficulties:

  • Chaff: here the radar is disabled.
  • Mettle: the player’s effective power is capped at 1580.
  • Legendary: it is heavily shielded and incredibly aggressive combatants that appear in greater numbers.
  • Chaff: the combatants will get more health which makes them difficult to stun.

According to the game pros, Operation Seraph’s Shield legend can be as tough as the legendary “Witch Queen Campaign” mission.

Here the enemies become more aggressive and have more than total HP whereas deal with more damage due to enhanced power level restriction.

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A brief guide to complete Destiny 2 Operation Seraph’s Shield Walkthrough:

Operation seraph's shield

The game developers have stated that it is a 20-minute adventure. It features a lot of puzzles, and combat along with a few nods and a bit of platforming. It seems more fun and intimidating initially but it is tough and thrilling.

However, players should know that the lone guardian can breeze through the challenges if they are familiar with the crucial steps that they need to take. Here’s a short guide that covers all the vital steps to complete this mission.

Step – 1: Board the Seraph station

Once you entered the mission then the players need to look for the bray facility to hide from the watch towers and fend off any upcoming hive.

The players should know that the facility is protected by an ogre that players entirely ignore.

Once you make you make your way in now you need to dodge the lasers and sprint via the dark hall that is present on your left.

Now you will see a room at the end that contains a group of fallen inside it that includes an enemy as well.

Here you will also see the yellow symbol over their head which is an icon that represents the scanner augment that will be used throughout the operation of Seraph’s Shield.

Step -2: The Engineering Sector

Gamers should know that there are few rooms aboard the station available that revolved around using the scanner buff.

You can get it at the augmentation terminal where the players are forced to select between using one of the four terminals.

However, making a wrong decision where can result in instant death. Here you need to get a bunch of scanner buff and search for the row of computers that is on the left of the augmentation terminal.

Step -3: the first boss arena

Here the gamers can plant a banner if it is necessary and then shoot the stack of barrels available in the center of the hall.

The real challenge of this room is that it contains a horde of fallen that will appear once when the knight retreats. However, multiple brigs are supported by different sorts of chaff that will appear to the swarm players.

Step -4: the mini-boss and puzzle rooms

Now you are required to go through the cargo bay via doors to reach the enclosed area. Here the knight will spawn earlier and nuke him along with guns and abilities after that you are suggested to move on.

Step -5: final boss: praksis, the defiled

After completing a lot of different steps now you are finally here to defeat the last boss. Here you need to deal with a three-phase fight that involves one bass along with a giant horde of minions.

It seems straightforward but you can hardly give damage to the boss. The players need to deal with numerous scorn infantry that will spawn during their fight.

So be attentive and show off your skills to defeat the final boss to complete the mission.

What is Operation Seraph’s Shield bug?

Operation seraph's shield

We all know that the technical issues are unpredictable and unexpected. Operation Seraph’s Shield bug was the issue in the game where players need to deal with different things.

But this wasn’t the major bug as it was a minor glitch that usually occurs in online multiplayer games. But there’s a way to fix it and there’s no reason to panic.

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The hidden chests: the drones in Destiny 2

The Operation Seraph’s Shield hidden chests can be found once in the mission and each week per account.

On top of that, the players need to wait for multiple weeks to complete any objective associated with collecting more than 2 chests.

  • The players will get to see the number of different locations in the game. But they need to be at the specific place that you will each while having scanner augmentation.
  • Operation Seraph’s Shield drones can be randomized while using the markets for the locations of drones.
  • It can be located once you ascend into the geosynchronous of Destiny 2.
  • The players can start a drone to scan the boxes available nearby or to the next room.
  • You need to move to the center of the room where you will see a lot of different drones.
  • However, one of them might be glowing that is a sign i.e. you need to target the glowing ones.
  • The drones available there are quite convenient as they can take a few shots without any hassle.
  • Now you need to look to the left-hand side of the room that is opposite the door.
  • Begin making some markings on the wall that the drone will scan and it is a drone you need to target as soon as possible.
  • Once you are done with it now head to the rest of the mission like you used to do.
  • At least, before spreading the virus ensure that you have a head into the now-open doorway along with a drone by it.
  • Therefore, you can now open the chest that contains your rewards, and bingo! You are good to go.

These are Operation Seraph’s Shield secrets that every Destiny 2 lover should know. By considering these statements locating a drone to target will be easier and it will also boost your gaming performance.

How do players get to operation Seraph’s Shield map?

The Operation Seraph’s Shield map shows that the location is quite challenging to find but we are here to guide you.

Initially, the players will not have any access to Operation Seraph’s Shield mission. However, they need to unlock the quest i.e. the final shape, and then proceed by progressing far enough in the more than a weapon storyline.

It is one of the exotic yet amazing quests that are also an important step when it comes to the third week of the story.

What does Operation Seraph’s Shield hide?

Operation seraph's shield

Operation Seraph’s Shield contains a secret which is chest #1. The initial secret chest in this mission is earned without preferring upgrades.

It is also located in the last room of the mission, the worst control nexus along with offside from where players console or place the virus. It is one of the major secrets in the game that every gamer should know.

What major rewards are offered after the completion of Operation Seraph’s Shield?

Once you complete the mission multiple rewards are waiting for you. After the mission completion, the guardians are going to get a new yet exotic pulse rifle.

Besides that, they will also get a revision zero whereas players will not get instant access to the operation as they need to make their way out.

The summary 

Operation Seraph’s Shield is an authentic and incredibly entertaining mission. It comes with a lot of different challenges and features that enhance game fun.

Moreover, we have listed certain steps and vital aspects related to a mission so that you can easily clear it and claim your rewards.

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