New Exotic Pulse Rifle Destiny 2 For 2023

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play first-person shooter video game with millions of active users. The developers of such an amazing game have introduced the New exotic pulse rifle Destiny 2. 

The game authorities have launched “the revision zero pulse rifle’. It is denoted as an incredible gun with multiple customizable features.

Such aspects of this gun have helped the game to get massive hype. Destiny 2 lovers are getting the ability to craft their desired gun for free.

The best thing is Destiny 2 is a multiplayer game that enables us to enjoy online gaming with friends and loved ones.

According to recent reports, the revision Zero is by far the Best pulse rifle Destiny 2. If you already have the osteo striga submachine gun then you are familiar with the newly launched gun.

Both of these weapons have the same traits but revision zero is slightly different. Want to know how? Let’s head toward the points listed below.

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How revision zero is better than previous rifles?

The revision zero is a unique and astonishing new exotic pulse rifle Destiny 2.

But you must be wondering how it is better than previous rifles.

Well, revision zero comes with higher customizable features. Gamers can access it by considering crafting and it is one of the most exotic weapons.

By using it players can get benefits and enhance their gameplay. In order to unlock if you need to complete a mission.

You need to visit the enclave on Mars from where you can craft the new rifle and obtain the benefits associated with it.

Here you need to have more weapons in Questline to make the process easier. However, there are 4 different options in the revision zero catalyst rotation.

Such aspects make it versatile and add a prerequisite that you are unable to get by considering normal weapons.

  • Pressurized refit
  • Frenzy refit
  • 4-timer refit
  • Outlaw refit

Now the question arises amongst the listed ones which catalyst is more usable in PvE and PvP? You must consider the reload speed of the gun that affects your gameplay.

According to professional gamers, the feeding frenzy is the perfect one to go for.

The revision zero: few simple ways to get it

The New exotic pulse rifle Destiny 2 revision zero was added to the game during the “Season of the Seraph”. It is a kinetic weapon that usually accumulates targeting data.

It accumulates data from the critical hits that can be converted into a giant amount of bonus damage within the shortest span.

It is an important weapon that has the potential to destroy security drones and helps gamers to complete the good boy protocol mission. The following ways can help you to get revision zero in Destiny 2 easily.

It is easy to unlock revision zero as you need to complete a mission that is Seraph’s shield. Once you are done completing it you will get revision zero and the exotic quest: the hidden shape.

The main goal behind the hidden shape is the unlock the most awaited run. It is allowing gamers to customize it and the steps mentioned below can help you out.

  • Initially complete the seraph’s shield mission.
  • Now have a word with Clovis available at the exo frame in the H.E.L.M
  • Accomplish the arrival mission
  • Interact with Ikora Rey and complete shaping i.e. extraction quest and resonant alloys quest
  • Now your hands on revision zero and shape accordingly

Gamers must know when they finish the hidden shape then the revision zero comes craftable. It also unleashes the 4 quests that come with numerous rewarding catalysts.

How to select revision zero New exotic pulse rifle destiny 2?

  • Arguably the most interesting part of Destiny 2 is the revision zero and the weapon catalyst that comes along. Yes! You read that right; it is the first weapon in the history of Destiny 2 that have different catalysts to choose from.
  • The users are going to get different benefits by considering multiple options. We are going to give you some tips regarding the perks and synergies associated with it. With this players can improve their gaming performance with revision zero.
  • However, if you want to get your hands on it then you must ensure completing the opening mission of the witch queen, the arrival. Once you have unlocked the features that help you to craft weapons you are good to go. With this, you can proceed with the next step where you can conveniently craft revision zero.

Here’s How you can select it in Destiny 2 without considering assistance from elsewhere.

There’s no rocket science behind accessing or getting revision zero in density 2 but you must complete certain missions to get complete access to the admired features.

How to use revision zero in Destiny 2?

Now, most of the new gamers might be wondering can you use revision zero without any guidance? If yes then How to use it? 

Initially, you need to rush toward Mars and begin the crafting process regarding revision zero.

Therefore, you need to go to the relic conduit that is present on the left side of the crafting station.

We can relate this pulse rifle with the osteo striga in the catalyst which is a craftable part of the weapon.

Before anything else, you must have knowledge and information about the gun and its catalyst.

The game developers showed that revision zero has 4 catalysts that add different benefits to the gun:

  • The outlaw Refit (Outlaw): – it is something that offers precision to kill impressively and also decreases the reload time.
  • Frenzy refit (The feeding frenzy): -it improves the reload speed and shortens the time that helps gamers to enlace their gameplay. With this, they can easily turn the tables in their favor.
  • Pressurize refit (under pressure): – by considering this you can improve your stability and accuracy when the magazine gets lower. 
  • 4-timer refit (Fourth time’s the charm): – it lands rapid hits and will return to the 2 rounds of a magazine. 

Is revision zero good?

The first thing you should be aware of regarding revision zero is the impressive traits of the gun.

In simple words, it is known as the kinetic rifle that has limits to the use of some famous weapons.

On top of that, such an incredible gun compensates impressively with the main feature which is the generation of ammo.

It is capable of dealing with higher damage given by a 90 RPM Sniper rifle. On top of that, the best thing is it can penetrate the barrier shields.

We all know that revision zero is a pulse rifle that makes it hard to handle but it is not a major issue as players can get used to it within no time.

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How to do craft revision zero?

Once you are done with all these things and willing to craft your gun then you must know certain aspects about it.

You should have deep information about the weapon and crafting allows you to get complete access to it.

But some gamers prefer to reshape which is a complete waste of materials and effort. You can’t progress the quest until you completely transform it.

When you enter the crafting room or menu then you can get to know what that hype is all about.

The game developers offer easier access over the intrinsic perk that is the hunter’s trace. It allows you to shoot through the “Anti-Barrier shields”.

Such things cause ease of generating data and land shots on the head.

With this, you can boost the possibilities of giving more and more headshots while holding reload button effortlessly.

Moreover, the users are allowed to transform their revised zero new exotic pulse rifle Destiny 2 into a completely different sniper.

When you explore the crafting menu you can get to know about the hunter’s trace along with 3-additional items.

These items are hunter’s trace 2, hunter’s trace 3, and hunter’s trace 4. All these levels have something special for you in the bucket.

Whenever you unlock such levels then you are going to unlock a new customizable aspect for the gun.

Besides that, gamers are going to get the perks regarding barrels and secondary ones. When you unlock Hunter’s Trace 2 then you will be able to take barrel perks to another level.

The weapon states with rifling that allows you to 

select from the following:

  • Full bore
  • Smallbore
  • Extended barrel
  • Corkscrew rifling
  • Polygonal rifling
  • Hammer-forged rifling
  • Fluted barrel
  • Arrowhead brake

Besides other weapons, you are going to get the new magazine benefits like:

  • Light mag
  • Flared magwell
  • Alloy magazine
  • High-caliber rounds
  • Ricochet rounds
  • Armor-piecing rounds
  • Appended mag
  • Extended mag

Once you’ve unlocked the hunter’s trace 3 and 4 then you will be able to get the ability to customize your complete stock.

In order to do that you need to make a selection from the following list:

  • Fitted stock
  • Composite stock
  • Hand-laird stock
  • Short-action stock


The revision zero is the new exotic pulse rifle Destiny 2 that comes with remarkable features. However, users need to be familiar with certain traits to enhance their gaming experience and unlock additional yet impressive features.

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