Lost Lament Destiny 2: New Slate Of Exotic Weapon For 2023

With the release and destruction of the Deep Stone Crypt raid, most of the exotic weapons and armor components introduced by Beyond Light are now accessible for you to earn—if you are know-how.

Specific of the new Beyond Light Exotics depend on random drops, while others, such as Salvation’s Grip, are obtained through missions.

Still, other Beyond Light Exotics need you to complete some conditions before they make their quests accessible.

The Lost Lament Destiny 2, which is essentially Destiny’s equivalent of a chainsaw blade, is one of the greatest exotics in the expansion, but obtaining it will need some work.

The main objectives of the mission are to find Dead Exos on Europa, complete Destiny 2 lost lament Exo challenges, and complete several story tasks.

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Lost lament destiny 2

Destiny 2 lost lament, an Exotic Sword, is a potent melee weapon that can be obtained through Destiny 2.

With the introduction of Beyond Light, this quest became accessible, enabling players to engage in a series of stages to reclaim a potent sword that also aids Banshee-44 in retrieving his memories.

Players who accomplish this mission will be able to use the potent sword and finish a section of Banshee-44’s backstory.

Here at Techparle’s guide is all the information you require to complete the lost lament quest Destiny 2, obtain your Destiny 2 lost lament blade, and access some of the most intriguing Beyond Light lore ever.

How to get The Lament in Destiny 2?

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps needed to obtain the lost lament quest Destiny 2:

  • Speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower.
  • Scan three Dead Exos on Europa.
  • Try To find the Giant Exo hiding within the Exo facility.
  • Defeat 100 Vex with Swords and defeat 20 Minotaur, Hydra, or Cyclops with Sword final blows, all on Europa.
  • Complete an Exo Challenge.
  • Use finishers to defeat Vex, with “strong” foes counting more.
  • Access The Glassway Strike and locate the blade pieces within.
  • Speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower.
  • Search Eventide Ruins for an abandoned bunker.
  • Complete the mission ‘Reforging the Past’.
  • Once you have done the above, the lost lament Destiny 2 is yours.

Lost lament quest destiny 2 Steps

Here is all the information you require to complete the Lost Lament Exotic quest, obtain your new blade, and access some of the most intriguing Beyond Light lore ever.

You will go to different Lost Sectors as part of this mission; if you need help finding them, we have a list of all the Destiny 2 lost lament Exo locations here.

  • Step 1: Find and scan the three dead Exos on Europa

If you’ve traveled to Europa, you may already know where to look for some of Banshee-44’s fellow deceased Exos that are dispersed there.

There are nine dead Exos in all, but for this task, you only need to discover three of them, and they are all in predetermined places.

  • Step 2: Find the Giant Exo that is concealed in the Exo Facility

If you have been to most of the Lost Sectors in Europa, you may have already entered the Bray Exo science Lost Sector, which has two pathways and may have previously been visited if you’ve traveled to the majority of Lost Sectors in Europa.

One of these routes will take you to the boss of the lost lament Destiny 2, while another will take you to the building beyond and ultimately to the Giant Exo.

When you enter the Bray Exo-science, continue up the stairs on your right and you’ll see a path leading to another area of the building, where you’ll finally encounter the Giant Exo.

  • Step 3: Show the Clovis AI who you are

When you first encounter the Giant Exo, later known as Clovis Ai, he won’t think you’re a worthy swordsman, so you’ll have to show him otherwise.

On Europa, you must kill 100 Vex adversaries with swords; however, only killing foes while holding the blade will count.

This stage may be carried out in the Perdition lost area, which has a number of Vex foes and should take no more than three runs to finish.

  • Step 4: Complete the Listed Quests

Given that Clovis AI has been dormant for a while and that the Fallen have infested its colony, it needs you to do a few duties for him.

Before returning, you must acquire and finish the following quests:

  • Taking back Europe.
  • Kingdom’s Fall
  • Priestess of the Dark.

The Empires Fall and The Dark Priestess missions may be received through Variks while Reclaiming Europa can be gotten via Zavala.

  • Step 5: Complete an Exo Challenge to prove your worth to the Clovis AI

If you’ve traveled to Europa, you may already know where to look for some of Banshee-44’s fellow deceased Exos that are dispersed there.

There are nine dead Exos in all, but for this task, you only need to discover three of them, and they are all in predetermined places.

  • Step 6: Use Finishers to defeat Vex

The Clovis AI wants you to eliminate the Vex because it thinks there are too many of them here and needs you to use finishers to do so.

To complete the game completely, you must use your character’s finisher to eliminate every Vex. You can expedite this process by employing finishers against formidable Vex foes.

Check out our tutorial on how to perform finishers in lost lament destiny 2 if you want to learn how.

  • Step 7: The Blade Pieces’ location

The Blade of Broken Dreams, which is dropped during the boss battle, is all that is required, despite the fact that it states you need to acquire other blade components.

You must kill a Transcendent Harpy, which will drop the quest item, in order to find the blade fragments or The Blade of Broken Dreams.

The Transcendent Harpy will be visible to you during the battle, and it will also state when they spawn nearby.

  • Step 8: Discuss the Broken Blade with Banshee-44

Once you get the shattered sword, return to Banshee-44 to complete the mission that will take you back to Europa.

  • Step 9: Look for an abandoned bunker in the Eventide Ruins

The Bunker E15 Lost Sector is the one that Banshee-44 instructs you to look for in the Eventide Ruins. To finish this phase, enter the Bunker E15 Lost Sector and complete it.

  • Step 10: Finish the “Reforging the Past” mission.

As much as it hates to acknowledge it, Clovis Ai is being attacked by the Vex, and it now needs your assistance. You must save the Giant Exo before it is too late.  To go on to the last stage, you must finish the Reforging the Past task.

  • Step 11: Inform Banshee-44 of Your Discoveries.

Return to the tower to finish the objective by speaking with Banshee-44, who discloses the truth after using your assistance to decipher his memories.

The Lament Perks

  • Intrinsic Banshee’s Wail: Intrinsic Rev the blade as the banshee cries. Increases all attacks’ damage, bypasses shields, and adds shield piercing. Gain stacks while using revved attacks to deal damage. Adding stacks to heavy attacks increases their damage and damage resistance.
  • Jagged Edge: More damage at the expense of less sword ammunition.
  • Guard with High Endurance: The sword guard has little resistance but maximum effectiveness.
  • Tireless Blade: For every other powerful sword kill, receive sword ammunition.
  • Revved Consumption: Damage to a combatant heals the wielder under Revved Consumption.

How to find Destiny 2 lost lament blade pieces?

After using finishers to dispatch enough Vex, you must enter The Glass Way Strike and seek the blade parts there.

Reach the Strike boss and wait for a Transcendent Harpy to appear if you need to find the Destiny 2 lost lament blade pieces. If you succeed, you will receive the blade fragments.

Once you have defeated enough Vex using finishers, you should enter The Glass Way Strike and look around for the Destiny 2 lost lament blade pieces.

To examine the blade fragments, proceed to the Strike’s manager, and have faith that a Transcendent Harpy will manifest.

If you route this, you will receive the blade fragments. The next task is to visit Banshee-44, who will deliver it to you.

It appears to be the Witch Queen! With the latest recent Exotics and our cutting-edge nightlife guide, find a comfortable pace.

There are the Extraction, Metamorphosis, and Sepulcher regions as well as the Resonant Splinter Heroic as stuff to find.

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Complete a Destiny 2 Exo Challenge

Variks is the one who starts Destiny 2 lost lament Exo challenge. In this case, you must finish the job that Variks gave you, “Old Secrets, New Challenges.” The identical offices that you passed through to get to the Destiny 2 lost lament Giant Exo challenge are where you may find it.

Players must solve a leaping puzzle and defeat a boss at the conclusion of the Old Secrets, New Challenges mission.

Guardians must protect themselves from the cold near the torches because of the severe weather.

Players will perish if their level of Biting Cold is too high. By eliminating the Vex as you ascend and gathering the red motes they drop, you can also lessen the debuff.

The red motes will aid you during the mission’s longer stretches, even if they do not completely remove your debuff.


  • Given that you can quickly get there via Charon’s Crossing, Perdition is one of your better options.
  • Check with Zavala and Variks for any missing quests if you are unable to complete the three necessary quests.
  • You will occasionally face up against the Vex and Fallen, but mostly the Vex. Remember that their weak spot is in the area of their stomachs.
  • The Broken Blade might not be utilized, but it will take up a place in your inventory area for special weapons, so be sure you have room.


So now that you know what the Destiny 2 lost lament is, you have all the answers. How does it function? How can you obtain it? Do you require any other information?

So buckle up because we’re about to teach you all there is to know about the unique blade known as the lost lament destiny 2, including the Dead Exo locations and quest procedures.

The Giant Exo Clovis AI’s facility and colony are now secure after successfully driving back the Vex attackers.

Even if you didn’t want to direct the opponents to their position, Clovis AI nevertheless thanks you for doing so.

The shattered sword that was reforged and is now known as the Destiny 2 lost lament is yours to keep as a gift from Clovis AI.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

Where is the lament Destiny 2?

Go to the Eventide Ruins after landing on Europa. To obtain the lament Destiny 2 blueprints, complete the Bunker E15 Lost Sector and plunder the chest.

What is the reward for the lost lament quest?

The shattered sword that was reforged and is now known as the lament destiny 2 is yours to keep as a gift from Clovis AI.

Why can’t I get the lament quest?

You have the bug if you finished the Exo Challenge on Europa only to discover that the Lost Lament quest has not advanced.
To fix this, erase the quest and re-select it from the Tower’s Abandoned Quest machine.

Do you have to beat the raid to get a lament?

Although there are a number of objectives you must accomplish, the lost lament Destiny 2 is one of the three items you may earn without defeating the raid.
The stages are listed below, although they mostly entail chopping through Vex on Europa to demonstrate your competence with a massive chainsaw sword.

Is Banshee a 44 Clovis?

Clovis Bray I exists in the Exo form as Banshee-44. His body was first built with high-end components as Bray’s personal helper, greatly enhancing his strength, agility, and durability in comparison to other Exos.

Is Clovis Bray Exo?

Through his bond with Elsie, Clovis Bray’s new self came to see how much harm he had caused as a man when he was living as an Exo.

Can Exo eat?

Despite being robots and without stomachs, Exos can consume food and liquids. There are several Exo player customization choices without discernible eyes.

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