How To Get Austringer Destiny 2 In 2023?

Let us know How To Get Austringer Destiny 2. Austringer is a legendary hand cannon in Destiny 2 that has gained a reputation as one of the most powerful and sought-after weapons in the game.

How To Get Austringer Destiny 2

To get Austringer in Destiny 2, you can follow these steps:

  1. Leviathan and Containment Activity: Explore the Leviathan and complete the Containment activity. This is one way to obtain Austringer.
  2. Opulent Chests: The main source of Austringer seems to be Opulent Chests, which are guaranteed to drop an Opulent (Menagerie) weapon. These chests require Opulent Keys to open, which can be obtained randomly at the end of Nightmare Containment.
  3. Crown of Sorrow: After obtaining your first copy of Austringer, you can also focus it on the Crown of Sorrow in the H.E.L.M. if you have the appropriate upgrades.

It is particularly renowned for its effectiveness in competitive PvP activities. Here are some key points highlighting the significance of Austringer:

  1. Competitive PvP Weapon: Austringer is highly regarded as a top-tier hand cannon for PvP engagements. Its combination of range, stability, and impact makes it a formidable choice in gunfights.
  2. Versatility: Austringer’s versatility allows it to excel in various playstyles. Whether you prefer aggressive close-quarters combat or a more methodical long-range approach, Austringer can adapt to your preferred playstyle.
  3. High Damage Output: With its high impact and precision damage, Austringer can deal significant damage to enemies, making it a reliable choice for eliminating opponents quickly.
  4. Desirable Perk Rolls: Austringer has a random roll system for its perks, allowing players to customize the weapon to suit their preferences. The right combination of perks can enhance its performance and make it even more lethal.

Rewards and Benefits of Obtaining Austringer in the Game

Obtaining Austringer in Destiny 2 comes with several rewards and benefits that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some notable rewards and benefits of acquiring Austringer:

  1. Powerful Hand Cannon: Austringer is a highly coveted hand cannon that can significantly improve your arsenal. Its exceptional performance and versatility make it a valuable addition to any Guardian’s loadout.
  2. Competitive Advantage: With its high damage output and range, Austringer can give you a competitive edge in PvP activities. Mastering this hand cannon can help you dominate in Crucible matches and other competitive game modes.
  3. Customization Options: Austringer’s random roll system allows you to obtain different perk combinations, giving you the opportunity to tailor the weapon to your preferred playstyle. This customization adds depth and personalization to your gameplay.
  4. Prestige and Recognition: Austringer’s reputation as a powerful hand cannon precedes it. Obtaining and mastering this weapon can earn you recognition among the Destiny 2 community as a skilled and formidable player.

Requirements for Obtaining Austringer

  • To obtain Austringer, players need to engage in the Menagerie activity. The Menagerie is a six-player matchmade activity located on the Leviathan, a massive spaceship in Destiny 2.
  • The recommended minimum power level for the Menagerie is 690. It is advisable to reach this power level or higher to ensure a smoother and more successful experience in the Menagerie.

Preparing for the Menagerie

  • Before diving into the Menagerie, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the activity and its mechanics. The Menagerie consists of multiple encounters and objectives that require coordination and teamwork.
  • Having a fire team can greatly improve your chances of success in the Menagerie. Coordinate with friends or join a group to ensure effective communication and cooperation during the activity.
  • Optimizing your loadout and subclass abilities is crucial for efficient gameplay in the Menagerie. Consider using weapons and abilities that complement your playstyle and provide advantages in different encounters.

Farming Runes for the Menagerie

  • Runes and the Chalice of Opulence play a vital role in the Menagerie. Runes are used to determine the rewards you receive from the Menagerie, including Austringer. The Chalice is a key item that allows you to slot and combine runes.
  • Runes can be obtained from various activities in Destiny 2, such as completing weekly bounties, participating in Crucible matches, or completing specific quests. Each type of rune corresponds to a specific reward pool in the Menagerie.
  • To maximize your chances of obtaining desired runes, focus on activities that have a higher chance of dropping them. This can involve completing specific quests, participating in events, or engaging in activities that have a higher rune drop rate.

Unlocking the Austringer Slot on the Chalice

  • The Chalice of Opulence is essential for obtaining Austringer. It is obtained through a questline and serves as a key tool for slotting and combining runes to determine the rewards you receive from the Menagerie.
  • The process of obtaining and upgrading the Chalice involves completing specific objectives and quests. Follow the questline and complete the required steps to unlock and enhance the functionality of the Chalice.
  • To unlock the Austringer slot on the Chalice, you need to progress through the quest line and fulfill certain requirements. This typically involves completing specific encounters or objectives in the Menagerie.

Menagerie Triumph: “The Emperor’s Best”

  • “The Emperor’s Best” is a Triumph in Destiny 2 that is specifically required for obtaining Austringer. Completing this Triumph is an essential step in acquiring the hand cannon.
  • The objective of “The Emperor’s Best” Triumph is to successfully complete the Menagerie with a specific set of requirements or conditions. These conditions may include completing the activity within a certain time limit or achieving specific objectives during encounters.

The Menagerie Run for Austringer

  • The Menagerie run required for obtaining Austringer involves completing the activity with the specific requirements outlined in “The Emperor’s Best” Triumph. This may require coordination, teamwork, and efficient execution of encounters.
  • To efficiently complete the Menagerie and increase your chances of success, consider implementing strategies such as assigning roles within the fireteam, communicating effectively, and optimizing load-outs for each encounter.
  • Coordinating roles within the fireteam can enhance efficiency and ensure smooth progression through the Menagerie. Assign players to specific tasks or responsibilities based on their strengths and abilities.

Austringer Weapon Rolls

  • Austringer utilizes a random roll system for its perks, allowing for a wide range of customization options. The perks on Austringer can greatly impact its performance and effectiveness in different playstyles.
  • Some desirable perk combinations for Austringer include those that enhance range, stability, and damage. Examples of beneficial perks include Outlaw, Rampage, Snapshot Sights, and Rangefinder, among others.
  • To improve your chances of obtaining desired rolls on Austringer, utilize the Chalice of Opulence. By slotting specific runes, you can target specific perk combinations and increase the likelihood of obtaining the desired rolls.


You need to follow these simple steps for How To Get Austringer Destiny 2 is a rewarding endeavor that offers significant benefits to players.

Its status as a powerful hand cannon and its versatility makes it a highly sought-after weapon, particularly in competitive PvP activities.

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