How To Get Artifice Armor Destiny 2 In 2023?

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online multiplayer game that is incredibly popular among youth. Recently, on the 30th anniversary of the game, the creators introduced artifice armor destiny 2. 

In the recent update of the game, you can notice multiple changes along with some impressive additions.

The artifice armor Destiny 2 is a unique gear that is getting wide attention. Even though, it is not easy to equip armor as it can be obtained after accomplishing tough end-game content.

Moreover, players will get increased power and additional benefits from the gear that makes it worth getting hyped.

Let’s unravel more about such an amazing it in the forthcoming points. 

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Crucial aspects to know about artifice armor

  • The density 2 endgame loot players can see numerous adept weapons. You can explore these weapons in the trails and at Osiris and Grandmaster nightfalls. However, creators have also added a specific type of endgame loot that has been introduced in the 30th-anniversary pack.
  • This comes with hard-to-match requirements. The artifice armor comes with caveats along with enhanced features. Although, you are unable to get measurements regarding mitigating mod cost.
  • It shows that gamers can still run out of armor energy if you are considering it for higher energy-intensive mods. Besides that, the artifice armor Destiny 2 is a robust gear that is a game changer.  
  • It serves an extra slot that is allowing players to use it in the low-cost mods as well. Therefore, players can enjoy the pieces of artifice armor during the tricky endeavor.

How to get artifice armor Destiny 2: before lightfall

We all should know that Bungie has added a couple of new dungeons along with master difficulty.

It is different haunted seasons that bring duality. Now probably you must be thinking about how to get Artifice armor destiny 2.

Well, it is quite hard for the newbies as the level of difficulty has increased.

Therefore, the game creators have also added extra slots that can easily change the lightfall. The artifact mods are there that are a great replacement for the stat-increasing in the game.

Here the guardians have all five armor pieces and are likely to get a combination of 15 stat points.


According to experience, the artifice armor piece has 5 different slots instead of the standard fours. On top of that, the standard armor pieces are:

  • Piece armor mod slot I.e. scavenger, loader, dexterity mods.
  • The general armor mod slot i.e. stat mods.
  • Combat style armor mod i.e. elemental well mod and charged with a light mod.
  • The search armor mod slot

However, the only difference between the standard and artifice armor is the piece of the additional slot. It is readily available for the equipping mods.

It is a slot that can be used to equip a specific type of artifact mod from an admired season like a solo operative from season 19 or weakened clear.

Besides that, the remaining ones will be used for other mods at the same time. Moreover, the artifice armor has a specific benefit that comes with a bonus socket.

It helps players to equip an artifact mod from the current or ongoing season.

The dungeons artifice armor drops and ways to obtain them

We all know that gamers need to run master dungeons in order to get their hands on artifice armor drips.

It is an amazing and impressive piece of gear that comes with additional benefits. So the dungeons can help you to get the drop high-stat artifice armor in the following ways.

  • Duality: it is available for the moon where players need The Witch Queen deluxe or a dungeon key.
  • Grasp of avarice: it is readily available from the eternity node where the 30th-anniversary pass is mandatory.
  • Spire of the watcher: this is available from the Savathun’s throne world. The players must have a dungeon key or the witch queen deluxe.

However, amongst the list ones, the two of them i.e. duality and grasp of avarice are easily available.

Here you need to look for the pinnacle rotator that can be used to run the last encounter.

Such traits are extremely helpful during the dungeons in master difficulties. Players should know that the last boss loot pool drops all armor pieces and weapons.

However, the newly launched spire of the watcher dungeon allows players to load activity easily.

Here you get the freedom to explore specific encounters with the final boss. But the pro-level gamers suggest having the powerful spire of the watcher at 1610.

However, gamers can also clear things out while being above 1600.

The game developers have openly stated that the artifice armor Destiny 2 has a special benefit.

It shows that the armor piece in the questions has a bonus socket. It offers players to easily equip and artifice the mode from the current season.

Advantages of artifice armor Destiny 2

  • One of the main benefits of having Artifice Armor Destiny 2 is that such an amazing weapon has advanced features. It comes with a number of artifact mods that the users can easily equip.
  • On top of that, the given mods will always remain extremely powerful and provide a massive boost to the specific type of weapons. Here you can get the additional flexibilities that make it worth considering.
  • Moreover, players can get additional benefits which are anti-overload and barrier piercing. On top of that, the artifice armor serves as a great opportunity to use the seasonal mods.
  • It is allowing players to get remarkable flexibility and they don’t need to deal with chaotic situations. Therefore, such an amazing weapon can boost the possibility of getting powerful builds that might need the given extra slot for improved functionality.


As it stands out, the Artifice armor Destiny 2 can be obtained via a grasp of avarice dungeon on the master difficulty.

So if you are willing to try them out then players must have sufficient skills and information regarding the game.

With this, you can easily locate the accurate position of the weapon and explore the listed benefits.

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