How To Fix Destiny 2 Cat Error In 2023?

If you are a true game lover then you probably have heard about Destiny 2. But currently, such game lovers are facing Destiny 2 cat error. 

Here a CAT appears on your screen and might release new content. It can be shocking for new gamers whereas others are aware of it.

But the question is how to fix it. What can help you to resolve this issue? In this guide, we are going to unravel vital aspects regarding CAT errors.

Before we begin you must acquire sufficient knowledge about the game. Destiny 2 is a live service game that offers regular updates.

It shows users get to Bungie which contains some predetermined error codes. With this, you can find out the root cause of the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

If you’ve Destiny 2 cat error fix on your PC or any other gaming gadget then we are here to help you.

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What is Error Code: CAT in Destiny 2?

Still, some people might have doubts about What is Error Code: CAT in Destiny 2? And is there anything available that can fix it?

Well, according to the game developers and updates on an official game, it is a problem that is occurring after the latest update.

If you are noticing this error for the time then do not exit the game. On top of that, experts suggest we not apply the update before relaunching.

It shows that occur can occur due to outdated versions of the game.

So you must ensure that you are considering the latest update and easily log in and play. In the forthcoming points, we’ve given some specific instructions that can help you to find out exquisite ways to resolve your issues.

Fixing Error Code CAT on the console: PS4, PS5, Xbox

By far we all know that are different consoles that can enable us to deal with this error. But don’t worry the solution is easy to find and quite identical as it can be fixed by a beginner as well.

In some cases, we forget to put the game on auto-update which results in such an issue. If the situation is the same in your case; here’s what you need to do: –


  • Sign in by using your main and action Xbox Live account.
  • But ensure that the selected account is linked with Destiny 2.
  • Now move to the “Destiny 2” game icon.
  • After that press the menu button.
  • Now check for updates regarding Destiny 2.


  • Begin the process and sign in to your PSN account ensure that you are accessing a linked account with Destiny 2.
  • Now move towards PS4 or PS5 home menu.
  • Glide down until you notice the “Destiny 2” game station icon.
  • Now press the options button on your PS.
  • Look “Check For Updates” option.
  • If there’s no update made then consider a further process to accomplish your goal.

How to do a “Destiny 2 cat error fix on PC”?

The error code CAT is something that isn’t allowing gamers to use the newly launched patch of the game.

If you haven’t updated your game yet then you are more likely to deal with it. But don’t worry there is one solution to update files and play an admired game.

Usually, the default settings of updates are in automated mode. It allows users to get convenience and access the newly launched features and more.

If your game isn’t in automated mode then consider the points listed above for PS and Xbox whereas if you are a PC user then look at the details below.

Epic games store: 

  • Now look for the updates made recently and Destiny 2 should be on the “downloads” list as well. 
  • If you are unable to find it there then press the three small dots underneath. 
  • Once you are done with it then look for the auto-update option and close EGS.
  • Now you are required to open EGS again and follow the procedure to turn on the “Auto Update” feature.


  • Here you need to restart your PC.
  • After that look for the recent updates regarding Destiny 2 in the download list.
  • If that isn’t present there then select the update button.
  • If it shows unsuccessful updates then look for the “Find” option.
  • Now open “verify the integrity of game files” in the Steam application.
  • Check if there’s any update available in the downloads list again.
  • If not then press the “clear the download cache” option and see if the game works or not.

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Exquisite ways to fix “destiny 2 cat error”

The CAT error codes are common for the guardians and if you are encountering it for the first time then it can be chaotic.

Usually, this error takes place after the global or small patches. But if you are unable to keep an update feature on then you are more likely to get this error.

The game files didn’t update automatically can enable you to face a bunch of different issues.

The users of selected game options like PS, Xbox, or PC can consider the ways mentioned above for a better experience.

Still, if you are unable to get admired information then we are here to guide you.

There are certain cases where people see CAT error codes quite often. Such codes can be different from the previous versions of the game.

If the game isn’t automatically updated then restart your device and notice if anything happens.

According to experts, the best solution is to automatically update the game. It reduces the possibility of facing it and keeps a constant eye on the integrity of the game files.

We all know that Destiny 2 is available on epic games and Steam as well and the listed ways can help you with integrity verification:


  • Launch epic games and look for the Destiny 2 page in your library.
  • Press 3 dots under the game.
  • Now press manage
  • Now click verify
  • Wait and see how epic games can effortlessly solve the issue.


The methods mentioned above work fine to fix the Destiny 2 cat error. but if you want fast results then verification of integrity is enough to resolve this issue.

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