Grasp Of Avarice Loot Table In Destiny 2 2023

With Destiny 2 having introduced their game loot table, the grasp of avarice loot table, we can safely say that Bungie’s 30th anniversary was well spent.

This loot table needs to be used at all costs by players, as many fan favorites and original dungeon weapons from even the first Destiny have been brought back as a part of this game!

The dungeon weapons have made the gameplay much spicier, and almost everyone has started exploring the grasp of the avarice loot table in search of a gun they can best wield.

This article will ask every possible question about Destiny 2 and its latest release. We will deep dive into the most potent dungeon weapons in the loot table and see how they can best benefit the gameplay.

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What is the grasp of the avarice loot table?

The grasp of avarice loot table is a new table of dungeon weapons that have only recently been added to destiny two gameplay, including many well-known and little-known weapons. There are some new weapons but many introductions to fan favorites.

Apart from this, if you own the 30th-anniversary pack, you can unlock many new hidden chests as a part of this game.

That being said, the grasp of the avarice loot table includes both weapons – there are weapons that you can unlock right away, and there are also weapons with levels that you can open only when you have reached a specific position in the game.

Some weapons have multiple versions that you can use depending on your level or position!

Why must you explore the grasp of avarice loot table?

Why should you give the new 30th-anniversary pack of Destiny 2 with the grasp of avarice loot table a chance?

Old favorite weapons in a new setting

While the weapons can be recognized as high-performing weapons with increased powerplay this time, the setting is new, in which you will be using these weapons for the first time.

Some weapons look more meant for this new setting than the old one!

Unlock new versions of old weapons with improved performance

Most weapons introduced in this grasp of avarice loot table are enhanced versions of their selves.

Either they have a better performance ability, all they have been bestowed with a higher number of perks.

The combinations you can try out our new ones, and you also get extra energy points in some unique options during team building before a battle.

New experiences and surprises at every level

There are many new surprises and experiences in store for you in the 30th anniversary Destiny 2 pack, most of which are due to the pirate-themed grasp of the avarice loot table of dungeon weapons.

The surprises will add a new twist to your favorite game, and this anniversary pack is there for definitely a collectible along with the dungeon weapons within the game.

Some essential elements of the loot table

What are a few of the best dungeon weapons in the grasp of the avarice loot table? Let us take a look:


Matador 64 is a well-known weapon you can now employ in the Destiny 2 gamespace owing to the new grasp of avarice loot table addition.

It is a legendary 65 RPM precision frame shotgun that is usually placed under having the capability of damage deals and special ammo deals.

The peak Perk Row 1 Options are a pulse monitor, complete auto trigger system, thread detector, and lead from gold.

In the row 2 options, you will find the golden tricorn, 1-2-1 punch, harmony, and killing wind!


Swords are everybody’s favorite dungeon weapon; we will not entertain a different opinion!

Perhaps even though this weapon cannot give as much range and exposure as other weapons in store at the grasp of avarice loot tables, the sword Hero of Ages helps Destiny 2 retain its exotic charm.

It is a legendary vertex frame sword from the original Destiny. Apart from the damaged deals, its deals also include heavy ammo.


It is nothing but a classic legendary 90 RPM adaptive frame sniper rifle. Sniper rifles were always excellent in dungeon games and especially with Destiny 2; who will now stop you from implementing void deals and special ammo deals in expensive battle situations?

Some row one perks for this one are no distractions, heating up, triple tap, etc. Perks row 2 options for the 100-yard stare include golden tricorn, dragonfly, moving target, and demolitionist.

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Artifice Armour

We have talked long and hard about the reproduction of famous weapons in the 30th-anniversary pack – and we have done that for long enough. Now it is time to check out a gun introduced in Destiny 2 alone.

The Artifice Armour did receive some excellent improvements. Buddies are only available in the master version of the Grasp of Avarice loot table.

When the Armour falls, it also excludes secret chests! Like most Artifice class items, while the energy points have remained the same in this anniversary pack, some exciting new options have been added to build crafting!


Grasp of Avarice loot table is an exciting introduction to several new ways to improve our game.

If you would have liked a combined version of Destiny and Destiny 2, this new pack can give you a taste of what that would be like!

Is the dungeon weapon collection good enough for you to start on a brand-new purchase?

That depends from player to player, as this is the situation where every individual gamer will have a unique chance of reappraising the case and the power they have in hand with the addition of these new weapons.


With which weapon in the grasp of avarice loot can you implement the Tireless Blade perk row 1 option?

The best weapon in the grasp of the avarice loot table that can implement the Tireless Blade option is Hero Of Ages.

What is the best armor weapon that allows you to slot an additional seasonal mod?

The best armor weapon to slot an additional season mod whenever required has to be the Artifice Armour.

Are there extra row options for Artifice class items in the 30th anniversary Destiny 2 pack?

Many extra row options, including the Artifice Armor, have been introduced for Artifice class items. On the other hand, however, at least when it comes to Armour, the power is still captured at ten energy points.

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