All About Exo Challenge Destiny 2 2023

Exo challenge Destiny 2: Beyond Light takes you to Europe for your adventures. You’ll have to accomplish a weekly task set by the Clovis Bray AI there.

This rewards you with a strong drop, which may later be upgraded to a pinnacle award. Here’s a tutorial to assist you.

Weekly Exo Challenges and Pinnacle Rewards in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

The weekly Exo Challenge Destiny 2: Beyond Light simply provides you with a powerful drop, as previously stated. You may, however, transform this into a pinnacle award, which will come in handy as you aim to hit the 1260 power level ceiling.

To do so, talk to Variks about getting the “Europan Explorer III” Sabotage perk. However, there are a couple of conditions to remember from this specific perk column.

Europan Explorer I – kinetic weapons defeated 50x adversaries, energy weapons defeated 50x foes, and power weapons defeated 25x enemies. The weapon quests in Europa are unlocked as a result of this.

In Empire Hunts, defeat 30x stronger (yellow bar) adversaries in Europan Explorer II. For Empire Hunts, this unlocks the selected difficulty.

Complete a weekly Exo Challenge in Europan Explorer III. The strong treasure becomes a pinnacle drop as a result of this.

You must first finish the weekly Destiny 2 Exo challenge on one of your characters, and you will only receive strong stuff for that try.

 After that, you’ll be able to use the Variks Sabotage perk, and any further efforts will result in a pinnacle drop.

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New questlines and other goodies

Okay, so we’re in a strange situation here because the “reset” this week occurred more or less on Saturday, and clearing the raid unlocked a slew of new quest lines and other goodies that, in most cases, would have been connected to a reset otherwise.

You might need a reminder of all the new things to do if you’ve been waiting since Tuesday and haven’t realized what’s going on. To summarize:

  • Variks has added a new quest that allows you to participate in a weekly Destiny 2 Exo challenge in exchange for a powerful/pinnacle drop. This will also open all of Variks’ Sabotage missions, which you may now do for a variety of prizes.
  • The Stranger possesses the last portion of Born in Darkness, allowing you to get your second Aspect for the Stasis subtype.
  • Banshee has a new exotic quest for The Lament, an extremely strong exotic sword that is linked to Clovis Bray, and a new portion of his facility that opened up after the raid.
  • Cloud strike, the lightning exotic sniper, is a rare drop from one of the Variks’ Sabotage nodes, which allows you to activate weekly Empire Hunts of varying difficulty.
  • The raid is open (obviously), and the raid exotic is the Eyes of Tomorrow Rocket Launcher, which is why you’ll see an ornament for it in the store if you haven’t already.

If you haven’t completed the Exo Challenge Destiny 2, the only genuinely new thing to do looks to be a second one. This one is centered on “agility,” and we’d say it’s more difficult than the previous one when you had to run about in the cold, but we were also a Warlock attempting to do leaping, so it’s difficult to judge.

A pinnacle drop is possible if Variks has been enhanced. For my arms slot, we had a +8.

Nowadays was the patch that was meant to bring the exotic weapons, darkness weapons, location weapons, and Seraph weapons that create War mind Cells back into the global loot pool, which was looking a little…sparse.

We haven’t played long enough to know whether any of these haven’t been reintroduced but keep a lookout.

What is an Exo challenge destiny 2 and Types of Exo Challenges

Exo Survival Challenge

The Survival Exo Challenge Destiny 2 is a survival test that requires you to reach the finish, beat the opponents, and retrieve the chest.

You will get the debuff Biting Cold as you walk about the arena and leap across gaps, which will slow you down and finally kill you.

Biting Cold may stack up to ten times and will gradually damage you unless you warm up, which you can accomplish by remaining near fires or killing foes and collecting their loot.

Exo Challenge Agility

The Agility Destiny 2 Exo challenge is designed to see how quickly you can move around the environment and how quick your reactions are.

You’ll have to hop onto platforms that appear and disappear multiple times while avoiding plummeting to your demise.

To complete the Exo Challenge, you must reach the finish, fight the opponents, and collect the chest.

Exo Challenge: Safeguard

The Safeguard Exo Challenge Destiny 2 will put your defense skills to the test by having you defend Simulated Ziggurat Platforms.

Waves of foes will spawn in the area and attempt to assault; you must destroy them before they are able to cause too much harm.

After you’ve slain all of the monsters, you’ll be able to unlock the chest, which will reward you and complete the job.

What is an Exo challenge in Destiny 2 and How Do we unlock them?

Complete the Reclaiming Europa, Empire’s Fall, and The Dark Priestess tasks to get access to the Exo Challenges.

You’ll be able to perform the Old Secrets, New Challenges quest after completing these missions, which will unlock Exo Challenge Destiny 2

Every week, there will be a new Exo Challenge for you to do, since they are all accessible after completing the quest and rotate on a weekly basis.

Check out our Old Secrets, New Challenges guide for additional information on the needed quest to access Destiny 2.

The Lament Exotic Blade in Destiny 2 has a lot of charm. It’s a chainsaw, after all, that heals you, pierces opponent barriers, and deals massive damage.

What’s not to appreciate about that? Even better, it’s linked to one of Exo Challenge Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s finest tasks.

However, the early stages of the Lament quest need a lot of scavenging, but it’s not difficult if you know where to search.

We’ve gathered all of the essential treasures, from dead Exo to blade fragments, to make your hunt simpler.

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Find the enormous Exo in Creation in Lost Lament-

This following phase is exactly near to the third Exo that was killed in the previous stage. Look for a newly opened door that leads to Creation in the next chamber. Follow the straight road forward and down until you approach the massive Exo, then speak with it.

Lost Lament – Destiny 2 lost lament Exo challenge –

Kill 100 Vex, including 20 Minotaurs, Hydras, or Cyclops, as well as 20 Minotaur, Hydras, or Cyclops. Cut some Vex down to size with your finest sword. Replay the Perdition Destiny 2 Lost Sector to compel Minotaurs to re-spawn and save time.

This will reset the spawns, allowing you to swiftly complete the second goal, and there are plenty of additional Vex around. Reclaiming Europa, Empire’s Fall, and The Dark Priestess are all included in Lost Lament.

If you’ve previously completed the specified tasks, this phase will be bypassed, thus most players won’t even notice it. Find them in your director and clean them out if you haven’t already.

Lament in Destiny 2 –

After completing Variks’ Old Secrets, New Challenges quest, you may locate the Destiny 2 lost lament Exo challenge on Europa.

After speaking with him, proceed to Bray Exo Science to begin the task, or queue it up from the map if you’ve previously unlocked it. You’ll be thrown into a platforming adventure with Vex strewn everywhere.

Explore the abandoned bunker in Lost Lament –

This is yet another step that appears to be far more obscure than it actually is. Do you know about the Eventide Ruins’ Bunker E15 Lost Sector? Yes, that’s it. Clear the area, defeat the boss, and take the chest. Isn’t it a little less deserted now?


Beyond Light’s exotic sword is the Lament. It’s obtained after finishing the ‘Lost Lament’ quest in Destiny 2 lost lament Exo challenge. The Lament is a solar sword with the Banshee’s Wail perk that increases its damage.

After delivering damage with revving attacks, the sword acquires extra stacks of Banshee’s Wail, increasing the weapon’s damage. Basically, this is a painful experience.

When injuring a combatant, it also heals users with the Revved Consumption merit, helping you to continue in those close-range conflicts a little longer.

It does, however, have a drawback. The Lament utilizes more sword ammunition than other swords due to the Jagged Edge feature.

Even so, the sacrifice is worthwhile, and you can always add a few Sword ammunition perks to your ammo to ensure you have enough to swing with.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

What is the best way to write a lament?

The following is a short breakdown of the processes involved in obtaining The Lament:
· In the Tower, speak with Banshee-44.
· On Europa, look for three dead Exos.
· Find the secret Giant Exo in the Exo facility.
· On Europa, destroy 100 Vex with Swords and 20 Minotaurs, Hydra, or Cyclops with Sword’s last strikes.
· Completing an Exo Challenge Destiny 2 is a must.

Is Destiny 2’s lament good?

The Lament is powerful on its own, but it comes with additional perks that make it much more so. It’s an anti-barrier sword, which means it can pierce impenetrable barriers as well as do massive damage to overload and unstoppable champions.

Which exotic blade in Destiny 2 is the best?

Anarchy is the best exotic blade in Destiny 2.

Is Black Talon a decent addition to Destiny 2?

Black Talon is one of Exo Challenge Destiny 2’s best swords. This sword isn’t the finest in general. It has middling stats and does not do a great quantity of damage. Among the best, it’s ordinary.

What is the procedure for obtaining the Exo Challenge?

Complete the Reclaiming Europa, Empire’s Fall, and The Dark Priestess tasks to get access to the Exo Challenges.
You’ll be able to perform the Old Secrets, New Challenges quest after completing these missions, which will unlock Exo Challenge.

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