Rise Quickly In Destiny 2 Lightfall Power Level In 2023

With excellent success with Destiny I, Bungie brought back another masterpiece with Destiny II: Lightfall.

This wonderful online PC game has a whole new set of expansions where the users can easily enjoy the game.

It will not matter whether you are a newbie or a veteran in the game, everyone gets 1600 power at the beginning, and then you need to build Destiny 2 Lightfall Power Level.

What is Destiny 2 Lightfall Power Level?

Let us first really understand what this power-level thing means.

The number you will see on the Guardian Screen while you are playing the game denotes your power that has been summed up from the equipped armor, weapons, and various artifacts.

This helps determine the damage you can tolerate and dish out to your opponents.

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Best Ways to Increase the Power Level

There have been no changes in the basic leveling structure in Destiny 2 Lightfall power level since the Shadowkeep expansion.

If there are gaps, you can fill them up by doing every Powerful and Pinnacle reward.

Lighfall follows the same pattern, but some suggestions below might help you grow even faster.

  • You can finish the Legendary Lightfall Campaign. If you finish them, you will automatically get a total Power Gear of 1770, along with 20 complete levels more than the soft cap.
  • The next thing you can do is complete all the easy levels of Pinnacle Rewards. Completing the Crucible, Gambit, and Vanguard Ops can increase you by 1 Pinnacle. Although this number is not that big, it is sure to give you a good boost to your power level.
  • If you want to take the previous tip to a bit higher level, then you can go on with the more difficult levels of Pinnacles, including Lightfall 100k weekly mission, 200k Nightfall, and 250k dares.
  • Sometimes, you need to put a break to your Pinnacle missions and complete all the vendor challenges, which are much more powerful. The powerful tasks are essential to cover up the gaps that have been formed. You can opt for Vendor Reputation Engrams, Clan rewards, and Vendor challenges.
  • After completing them, you can go for the next endgame Pinnacles. This Pinnacle Endgame mainly consists of the Raids and Dungeons. Although you will need a fire team for these missions, the reward is guaranteed to give you, which will provide a high rate of the body Pinnacles that you promised.
  • Last but not least, turning in the Prime Engrams as soon as you get them will be better. These primes are nothing but Position rewards. Although difficult, this reward provides a great way of supplementing what you can use to increase the Destiny 2 Lightfall power level.
  • You must also stay attentive and look for the Legendary Engram and the Blue Engram drop.

Although there are several ways to increase the power level, these are mentioned above.  

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How to Reach the Destiny 2: Lightfall Power Level Cap?

Some Destiny 2 World Activities provide powerful Engrams sought to complete Weekly Challenges, which typically include playing them for a fixed number of times. You will need to focus on these unique activities to reach the limit of strength:

  • Eternal challenge
  • Complete eight top vendor rewards based on the week
  • Complete 8 Gunsmith Supplier Bonuses per week
  • Complete 8 online Crucible Vendor Bounties during the week
  • Full Nimbus popularity challenge
  • Randomly reduce advanced engrams

Last words

So you can see that no rocket science is involved in the game’s power-limiting logic. It’s easy to understand how powerful Destiny 2 Lightfall Power Level is. Now you can enjoy the game without hesitation and become a veteran.


What power level is Lighfall?

1750 is the level of Lightfall.

Who has the highest power level in Destiny 2?

Cyzrt Warlock has the highest power level in Destiny 2.

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