A Complete Guide On Dead Messenger Destiny 2 For 2023

The Dead Messenger Destiny 2 is one of the exotic Grande launchers that come with advanced energy and a reload button.

It was introduced in the season of the Risen and it is a weapon that a player can obtain after the completion of the “Vox Obscura mission”.

The dead messenger has the incredible capability to change to dealing solar and arc while using the reload button.

By considering dead messenger gamers gets access to a wave frame grenade launcher instead of an individual wave.

On top of that, it can fire 3-different waves due to the presence of the trinary vision intrinsic trait. In order to unravel more about it let’s head to the points listed below. Take a look:

The dead messenger: is it worth getting hyped?

The dead messenger is an incredible grenade launcher that was introduced in “The Witch Queen” with the expansion during the “The Risen” season.

At the forthcoming points, you can get to know about the ways to obtain dead messenger along with the perks associated with it.

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How to get dead messenger destiny 2?

Dead messenger destiny 2

Most of the beginners or newbies to this game might be willing to know How to get dead messenger destiny 2? Is it worth trying?

Yes, you should try this exotic weapon that works in your favor and the listed ways can help you to grab it.

In order to get the dead messenger destiny 2 you need to complete the “Kill The Messenger Quest” task.

Therefore, there are simple and easier steps that can help you to get your hands on admired weapons. After the completion of a given task, you need to consider the following points:

  • Complete the season of the risen pass.
  • After that finish the initial two missions of “The Witch Queen” (The Arrival and The Investigation).
  • Once you are done with it then accomplish “The Hard Evidence Quest”.
  • Complete “The Rising Tension Quest”.
  • After that, you need to accomplish the week 1 quest of Operation Elbrus.
  • Now you are required to complete the Vox Obscura exotic quest.

The game experts have also stated that the dead messenger has some astonishing yet unique ammo-launching traits.

It can help the players to easily adopt any element but it should be similar to the hard light auto rifle. Here you need to press “R” in order to use the reload key and swap between the damage traits.

The players are allowed to use Arc, solar and Void elements that entirely depend on their preference.

Moreover, the game experts have stated that the dead messenger hasn’t proved to be a crucial element in the game. It shows that players have an extensive variety of weapons to choose from.

But if you want to get instant results by finishing the enemy off then this is the one you should go for.

On top of that, players should know that “Destiny 2” The Witch Queen” is available on different game devices i.e. Xobx one, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation n5, and more.

Dead messenger destiny 2: the statistics

The benefits of Dead Messenger:

  • Quick launch: one of the significant benefits of this weapon is boosted handling and projectile speed. 
  • The fundamentals: now you need to press reload button and change the damage type of the weapon. E.g. Void, Solar, or Arc. 
  • High-velocity rounds: these boost the reload and projectile speed. 
  • Short-action stock: finely increased handling speed. 

The intrinsic trait:

  • The trinary vision:  in this game, the players are going to get a one-shot handheld grenade launcher. Here’s a projectile that releases a fan of three energy waves that can be experienced when it contacts the ground. 

The Dead messenger destiny 2 catalysts: what does it do?

Dead messenger destiny 2

Once you’ve unlocked the Dead messenger destiny 2 catalyst you are capable of getting different benefits. Here the players are going to get the turnabout which is one of the greatest advantages there.

It will give a guardian an overshiled when they break the shield of an opponent or use their super.

We all know that the dead messenger can effortlessly change the damage energy type which makes it one of the greatest weapons to opt for.

Probably now you might have got the answers regarding Dead messenger destiny 2 Catalyst what does it do?

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Destiny 2: Convenient Ways to unlock catalyst and dead messenger

  • Players should know the Vox Obscura mission will put the fire team via different sets of specifically timed objectives. It shows that the players with “drake tank” need to complete a specific part of the game as well.
  • Additionally, they are suggested to use the drake tank along with cabal vehicles to open different doors. These things will help them to blast or smash through the gates without any hassle. At the final terminal, gamers need to continue moving down the hallway to get to a room available on the right and open the chest.
  • It is a place where the dead messenger is located. For instance, the dead messenger catalyst is currently unavailable but thanks to the game developers to make it easily available for gamers. Here the players need to follow the same steps as the Vox Obscura mission.
  • Besides that, on average the players are required to play the game for 24 hours with breaks in order to complete it. But the availability of the playlist and the products may vary according to your gameplay skills and teamwork.

To get your hands on such an incredible grenade launcher it is mandatory to unlock the Vox Obscura mission in Destiny 2 and then you can continue moving on the same path to open the chest.

The mission: Vox Obscura

Dead messenger destiny 2

Before anything else, you should know that the Vox Obsucra mission doesn’t contain an assortment of mechanics.

But it does have goals to assault the set of enemies hidden there. The players are required to prioritize the following points:

  • Enter Hangar: players are required to enter the hangar and kill the enemies present outside it then walk down the door and hack the place.
  • Steal: here you need to shoot the doors of this place and drive one of the vehicles available to make your way out.
  • The airfield clearance: now the players have 4 minutes and 30 seconds to complete this mission. They need to combat the Goliath tank and unstoppable champion. Now the Amanda holiday will drop Drake for the gamers so that they can drive. Now you need to rush to the signal towers and take down another Goliath tank with 3-signal towers. 
  • Enter the bunker: the players need to use the vehicle to open the doors of the bunker and combat the unstoppable champion present around them. 

Pro Tip: 

The gamers are also allowed to drive the interceptor or the tank as it can provide additional damage to the enemy.

On top of that, to eliminate the signal towers you need to shoot the generators from the front and then hit the blue shields.


The dead messenger Destiny 2 can be obtained after completing a thrilling mission Vox Obscura. Once you’ve unlocked it then consider the points mentioned above to conquer the game missions.

With this, you can get your hands on one of the astonishing game weapons i.e. dead messenger.

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