A Guide On Corsair Down Destiny 2 For 2023

Corsair Down is a quest item that can be randomly obtained while exploring the Dreaming City in Destiny 2. It is a rare drop, so participating in activities such as public events or Blind Well is recommended to increase your chances of acquiring it.

This item serves the purpose of tracking fallen Corsairs, the deceased soldiers of the Awoken, within the Dreaming City.

By using Corsair Down Destiny 2, players can initiate a search and rescue mission to locate the fallen Corsair’s body and complete the associated quest.

Destiny 2, the popular online multiplayer shooter game developed by Bungie, takes players on a thrilling journey across the galaxy, battling enemies and unraveling secrets.

“Corsair Down Destiny 2” is one such intriguing element that has piqued the interest of players.

This mysterious item spawns a unique questline that challenges players to explore the tangled web of secrets hidden within the Dreaming City.

Here, we’ll delve into the Corsair down enigma, uncovering its origins, mechanisms, and the rewards that await daring Guardians.

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What Is the Corsair Down Destiny 2?

corsair down Destiny 2

You can complete Corsair Down, a special task, by taking down Scorn on the Dreaming City. You might need to finish several Public Events or Blind Wells to get one to drop because of the quest’s low drop rate.

View your Corsair down Destiny 2 quest by going to your Quests tab. One Corsair down quest can only be active at once.

You must locate a dead Corsair whose location is specified by the quest in order to finish it. A unique piece of gear and Baryon Bough are awarded for completing this quest. Let’s go through where each Corsair body can be found.

The Origins of Corsair Down Destiny 2:

Corsair Down items were introduced as part of Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion. The Dreaming City, a sprawling endgame destination, became the primary focus of this expansion.

Corsair Down is a drop from slain Corsairs, the loyal Awoken soldiers who patrol the Dreaming City. When a player discovers a Corsair Down, it sets in motion a quest that leads to intriguing encounters and hidden treasures.

How does Corsair Down Destiny 2 work?

corsair down Destiny 2

Open your inventory when you get Corsair down Destiny 2. Take a look at the description and you’ll realize it’s a communication tool. The device will send an SOS message with a repeating memo attached. There is a hint written in the message.

The hint is for the sender’s location. Interact with the deceased body after arriving at the location. This will result in the appearance of a boss. If you defeat him, you will receive a Corsair badge.

Corsair down destiny 2 has something about a garden

You must go to the Gardens of Esila, which are located south of The Strand if the Corsair down claims to be repeating something about a garden.

Ours is located near the tunnel leading from The Strand, in the circular plaza with the obelisk.

Some locations where others found the bodies:

  • A circular scaffold with a tree will be visible once you exit the stairway. You can find the body behind a wall, past the tree.
  • The other body can be found north of the first. This body, like the first, is propped up against a wall.
  • Look for the west of the garden. The extra body is deceitful there at the superiority of the framework.
  • From the third body, return to the north. In the ruins, there is an Awoken Statue. A tree has been planted alongside the statue. The corpse will be near the tree.
  • The final one is near the doorway to Harbinger’s Seclude, next to the stairs.

How to use Corsair Badge?

corsair down Destiny 2

The Corsair Badge is similar to a set of dog tags in that it contains identifiable information about the owner.

Take it to the Queen’s Guard camp in Divalian Mists, situated next to the massive main entrance, once you obtain one by defeating the boss that appears when you interact with the dead warrior.

Talk to any of the NPCs there, and they’ll thank you for informing them that their colleague died. You’ll also receive a reward, but it’s nothing to write home about.

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The corsair down Destiny 2:

The corsair down chamber is a hidden location within the Dreaming City, an endgame destination introduced in the Forsaken expansion.

This chamber serves as a pivotal point in the Corsair Down questline, offering a unique and challenging experience for Guardians seeking adventure.

  • Discovering the corsair down Destiny 2 chamber: To reach the Corsair Down Chamber, players must obtain a Corsair Down item by defeating Corsairs, the loyal Awoken soldiers who patrol the Dreaming City. Once acquired, activating the Corsair Down item reveals a cryptic clue that hints at the chamber’s location.
  • Navigating the Corsair Down Destiny 2 chamber: Upon locating the Corsair Down Chamber, players are greeted by an otherworldly and atmospheric environment. The room frequently features ethereal ornamentation and exquisite architecture, which adds to its charm.
  • Trials and Tests: The Corsair Down Chamber presents Guardians with a series of trials and tests that must be overcome to progress further. These challenges may involve intricate platforming sections, puzzles that demand keen observation and critical thinking, or intense combat encounters against powerful adversaries.
  • Rewards and Lore: Completing the trials and tests within the Corsair down Chamber offers numerous rewards. Guardians can earn powerful gear, exclusive weapons, and valuable consumables, enhancing their capabilities on future adventures.
  • Collaboration and Exploration: The corsair down Destiny 2 chamber can often be tackled solo, but the challenges it presents can be made easier and more enjoyable with the assistance of fellow Guardians.

The corsair down chamber offers an exciting and immersive experience for Guardians. As they unravel the mysteries hidden within its walls, players are rewarded with powerful loot and valuable lore fragments.

How to Redeem a Corsair Badge?

The Corsair NPC in one of the Corsair outposts in the Dreaming City is the person you should speak with now that you have a Corsair Badge.

To return a badge, you can go to any of them, although we advise going to the Divalian Mists station near the northern end of the patrol area.

You’ll discover the outpost in a tower that is frequently encircled by Taken. To return the badge, talk to the Awoken NPC there.

Corsair down Destiny 2 Rewards and Secrets:

The Corsair Down quests provide access to Dreaming City-specific weapons, highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Guardians will also obtain consumables and materials, such as Glimmer, Legendary Shards, and Enhancement Cores, which aid in upgrading gear and purchasing items from vendors.

Moreover, the acquisition of lore items through Corsair down Destiny 2 reward adds depth to the game’s narrative and provides a deeper understanding of the Dreaming City’s rich history.

Finally, completing Corsair Down quests contributes to Triumphs and Achievements, showcasing a Guardian’s progress and accomplishments in Destiny 2.


Corsair Down Destiny 2 is a captivating and rewarding feature that adds an extra layer of mystery and exploration to the game’s already rich universe.

Through deciphering clues, locating fallen Corsairs, and defending them from enemies, players are rewarded with unique items and valuable insights into the Dreaming City’s lore.

As Destiny 2 continues to evolve, Corsair Down remains an engaging element that fuels the curiosity and adventure of Guardians in their ongoing quest for power and glory.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Corsair down Destiny 2?

Corsair Down objectives send you on a harrowing adventure across the Dreaming City in search of missing soldiers. The Dreaming City is one of the most bizarre locations in Destiny 2. Though it will not be one you soon forget.

How do you activate Corsair down Destiny 2?

To access your Corsair Down quest, go to your Quests tab. You can only have one Corsair Down quest open at any given time. To finish this task, you must locate a dead Corsair whose location is specified in the mission. Completing this quest nets you a Baryon Bough and a rare piece of equipment.

Where is the Corsair down Destiny 2?

You must search the Dreaming City area for a Corsair Down, but locating one is entirely up to chance. It’s not a particularly rare item, but finding it may take some time.

How does Ascendant challenge Destiny 2?

A Tincture of Queens foil is required to compete in an Ascendant Challenge. To view the gateway and finish the challenge, you’ll need Queens’ foil. Remember that this consumable has a 30-minute lifespan. Queens’ foil can be obtained from the Dreaming City’s Public Events, Chests, Patrols, and the Blind Well.

What is the corsair down Destiny 2 reward?

For your trouble, the Corsair will reward you with Glimmer, Baryon Bough, and a rare item. When you turn in six of these badges to the Corsair, she will Corsair down Destiny 2 and reward you with a unique bounty that grants Dark Fragments and a Tincture of Queens foil when fulfilled.

Why is Corsair so popular?

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