Concealed Void Lost Sector Destiny 2 For 2023

Europa carries with her a slew of Lost Sectors. The Concealed Void Lost Sector is one of them, and it can be located in the Asterion Abyss, to the north of Charon’s Crossing.

To reach there, get on your Sparrow when you spawn at Variks and make your way to the right along the cliffs.

Continue until you reach an open space, and then seek a huge path that goes underground. Head down here to discover the entrance to the Lost Sector in the ice wall on the left side.

This is one of the newer Lost Sectors created by Bungie in recent updates, and you will need to complete each section before an energy wall collapses, allowing you to explore further within.

When you reach the finish, you will encounter a boss and a slew of lesser foes, and after defeating the boss, you will be able to access the Lost Sector cache and obtain some stuff.

When you reach that Power level, you will encounter a slew of fallen foes. Beyond Light has introduced a number of new aspirational activities for PvE players to master.

Bungie has also introduced Season of the Worthy’s Legendary Lost Sectors to Europa and the Cosmodrome as a way to gain slot-specific Exotic armor.

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Beyond Light Exotic Armor

Farming Master concealed void lost sector is easier than ever in Season of the Splicer. Solo tasks have become much easier to complete and farm thanks to mods like Breach and Clear, as long as you aren’t too low-leveled for the activity at hand.

This guide has been redesigned to make it easier to read and updated to incorporate new weapon and mod options.

The Beyond Light Exotic armor components may be found in the concealed void in a Lost Sector on Europa.

We’ll go through how to approach this Lost Sector step by step, so you’ll have all the knowledge you need to get a crack at that Exotic Armor if it appears on the daily rotation.

We’ll go over the void lost sector, and then quickly discuss how to prepare for the concealed void legend lost sector and Master Lost Sectors, as well as how to access them, before looking at some of the Exotic Armor available.

Concealed Void Lost Sector Guide

The first thing you’ll encounter when you enter the Lost Sector is a swarm of Fallen Shanks and Dregs. Behind the wall, there’s an Overload Champion.

Use your Overload weapon, which in my case is the hand cannon, to dispatch him as rapidly as possible.

You usually stun the Champion with the Overload weapon and then fire a few Anarchy bullets at them, which kills them very swiftly.

After they’ve been shocked and have a few Anarchy bolts connected, a couple more hand cannon bullets can easily dispatch them.

After you’ve defeated the Overload Captain, you’ll need to round the corner, where you’ll encounter Dregs equipped with sun shields.

After you’ve taken them out with your Solar Weapon, you’ll have to deal with the big, heavy Shank and some Vandal Snipers in the distance.

The Next Major Stumbling Block In Your Way

With your energy weapon, pop the giant Shank’s shields, then take down the Vandals while avoiding their sniper blasts. It’s onto the next stretch of the Lost Sector after jumping up and through the gap.

The Barrier Servitor will be the next major stumbling block in your way, and he’ll be supplying protective barriers to other shanks and Dregs.

There’s also a Captain in the distance who will be causing you problems, as well as grenades coming in from the left, right, and center.

With a few well-placed Anarchy bullets, you could take out the Captain. Examine the adversaries’ shields; they will glow in various hues, including orange for the sun, purple for the void, and light blue for the arc. Our Captain is equipped with arc shields.

Stun The Captain With Your Overload Weapon

After you’ve dealt with the Captain, use your Antibarrier weaponry to take out the Barrier Servitor as soon as possible.

Take him out as quickly as you can since he’ll give shields to the Shanks, who will try to assault you.

The Servitor will teleport all over the area, so keep an eye on him and concentrate your fire on the other foes.

Jump across the platforms and up to the right, where the Captain was previously. Another large Shank with shields needs to be dealt with.

This was a sun shield in my instance, so you burst it with Arctic Haze and then finished it off with a couple of Anarchy shots.

You’ll have to deal with several Snipers and an Overload Captain if you get to the platform where the large Shank was hanging out.

It’s generally better to deal with the Snipers first since you won’t be able to get a clear shot on the Overload Captain if you don’t.

Stun the Captain with your Overload Weapon, and then finish him out with a couple of Anarchy bullets before moving on to the next stage.

Exploding Shanks And Then Run Backward

There are a few Wretches in here that will charge you with spears if you jump up to where the Snipers were earlier. To protect yourself, you can jump and peak-shoot them. Otherwise, you might perish.

Remove them and go to the next phase. Because you’re in a corridor with an Overload Captain and exploding Shanks, this is a bit of a trap. Run in and pluck out the Exploding Shanks before running backward.

This will bring them out into the open, allowing you to kill them quickly. Do not hurry down the passage; they will just detonate and kill you.

Takedown the Overload Captain like you have in the past with well-placed hand cannon bullets and chaos, and he should be dead.

The Boss Area

The boss area is the next stop. Continue down into Europa’s underground areas. Dregs and Wretches will be swarming the boss room; keep an eye out for them and dispatch them. The boss will appear once you’ve completed this task.

Before fleeing, try to get some Anarchy shots in on him. You took a seat near the entrance and utilized my bubble to cover you while firing a few anarchy rounds at the boss.

In this room, there’s also a protected Servitor. It might become a little chaotic at times, but keep an eye on the clock, go gradually, and pick out the adversaries one by one.

Once you’ve completed this, open the chest and you’re done! Surely, you’ll get that Exotic treasure. If it didn’t drop the first time, maybe these tips will help you speed through the Lost Sector.

If you don’t acquire the Exotic stuff the first time, don’t give up; try again and you’ll get it.

Concealed Void Is A Little Tricky

Because of how congested the Lost Sector’s layout may be, the concealed void lost sector is a little challenging. Rather than focusing on survival, the opponent spawns place a premium on swift and constant add clear.


Trapper’s Method Shadowshot’s Void Anchors may bind and take out a huge number of foes at once, while Nightstalker’s smokes and invisibility can give you some breathing room.


Usually, a Void walker will be the energy to know but the use of Attunement of Predator for Consume & Survivability or Attunement of Disorder for electric grenades is up the haste and trouble of the run existence tried.

Otherwise, Storm Caller delivers sufficient clearing possible & Attunement of Control’s Chaos Spread offers a comparatively safe way to spurt down opponents from afar.


When close proximity is an issue, Code of the Protector Sentinel’s Defensive Strike can keep you topped off with an over shield, but if you need more clarity, Code of the Commander’s Controlled Demolition can keep enemies chaining.

Another option is to use the Code of the Siegebreaker Sunbreaker, which has inherent healing and can effectively control regions with Sunspots, which is very useful in this busy Lost Sector.

Weapon and Armor Mods

  • Overload Hand Cannon: You’ll need this mod to beat any Overload Champions.
  • Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle: The most effective method to get around Barrier Champions is with this mod.
  • Major Spec: Champions are treated as Majors when calculating damage and this mod will help you destroy them faster.
  • Arc Resistance: With incoming Arc damage increasing, it’s critical to have at least some resistance against the multitude of Arc weaponry used by fallen adversaries. In the Lost Sector, Arc Resistance will save you from receiving too much damage from the Vex radiolarian.
  • Surge Detonators: If you’re running an Arc subclass, these are great for Overload Champions.
  • Breach and Clear: This mod increases damage against Champions and the boss, as well as reloading your stowed weapons when you use a Grenade Launcher to damage those opponent types.

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Remove 25% of the enemy’s HP if the Barrier Servitor is making them impervious. The Servitor is forced to deploy its barrier as a result of this. For a brief period, destroying its barrier will break any immunity tethers.

Another Overload Captain and a sniper Vandal will be at the far end of the chamber. Before interrupting the Champion, kill the Vandal at the rear of the room.

You may either press up to the Champion or kill him, or you can remain back and use Anarchy or Xenophage to whittle away at his health bar. Remove the energy field that leads to the next area by killing both enemies.


You’ll get a feel for different knives and hauls in room one. These are used in conjunction with the concealed void legend lost sector & Master Lost Sector’s, commander.

In managing overburdened commanders, it is preferable to use projectiles. Continue to the next room after bringing them down.

One overburdened chief, one Concealed Void Lost Sector, one considerable knife, two miscreants, and residue and knives are among the enemies you must face.

In addition, there are a few knives and leftovers in room two, as well as two overburdened chiefs, one boundary servitor, a heavy knife, and a miscreant. In addition, some scoundrels, one overburdened chief and boundary servitor, and unstable knives will be fought over in the hall.

Ultimately, few heroes can be found in the managing area. To complete a platinum run, rapidly murder the manager and take the treasure.

One of eleven hidden challenge missions for Guardians in Destiny 2. Legend and Master Lost Sectors are available on a daily basis in Destiny 2, putting players to the ultimate test and allowing them to earn an exotic item.

With that in mind, if you’re seeking Destiny 2, read on for our complete guide, including where to discover it and helpful hints.

Frequently Ask Questions

Where is the lost sector in concealed void?

You’ll want to go to Europa for Destiny 2. Head to the Asterion Abyss, at the concealed void lost sector location mentioned above, after you’ve landed.
This Lost Sector isn’t on the surface, so you’ll have to dive beneath the glacial plates to find it, although it’s very straightforward to find.

How do I complete the lost sector concealed void?

The simplest approach to achieve this is to kill the two Vandals at the rear of the room, which will cause them to go to the back.
When you get a good view of it, blast it a few times with Anarchy or Xenophage until it deploys its shields. Break them apart and finish the job.

How many champions concealed the void lost sector?

There are four champions in all. Extra Champions – Bring the total number of Champions to seven.

Why can’t I see the legend lost sector?

You must first complete all of the conventional Lost Sectors before moving on to concealed void legend lost sector.
The novel Fable Lost Sectors will not show on the chart if you do so. There are two quests every day, with different concealed void lost sector locations, modifications, and prizes each time.

What does the Telesto catalyst do?

What Does That Do? Deeper Pockets – increased ammunition capacity is the only advantage provided by the Telesto Catalyst.

How to unlock Legend & Master Lost Sectors?

You must first complete the Lost Sector’s standard version. To even view them in the Director, you’ll need to achieve at least 1260 Power Level.

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