What Is Arbalest Destiny 2 And How To Get It In 2023?

The Arbalest Destiny 2 is undoubtedly one of the greatest Linear Fusion Rifles you can get your hands on when it comes to Linear Fusion Rifles.

The Arbalest’s Exotic quest was formerly accessible during the Revelry event; however, it has been unavailable since that event ended.

Season of the Dawn, however, has introduced a new way to obtain the weapon, and this tutorial will show you how to obtain the Arbalest in Destiny 2.

There aren’t many Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 that are as flexible and valuable in endgame PVE as the Arbalest, yet it constantly comes out on top.

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Arbalest Destiny 2 –

It’s an exotic linear fusion weapon with certain unique properties that excel against Barrier Champions and elemental shields.

It was also used briefly in Crucible, and with the correct modifications and construction, it may even be capable of one-shooting guardians.

In Arbalest, here is how players may obtain the catalyst for the Arbalest, as well as what the catalyst performs.

How to get the arbalest Destiny 2?

One of the more “elusive” Exotic weapons is the Arbalest Destiny 2. The Monument to Lost Lights, the Arbalest, is discovered in Exotic engrams that may drop from any activity, as well as world drops, unlike many Exotics that can now be acquired simply with the necessary resources from the Tower’s Exotic archives.

Previously exclusively obtainable during the Revelry event earlier this year, the Arbalest has finally been added to the usual Exotic treasure pool.

This means you’ll have to get down on your knees and start praying to Bungie’s RNG gods because the Arbalest will only be available as a random Exotic drop or through other regular ways.

The Revelry quest has been replaced with the following alternatives as of now:

  • The Arbalest is a rare Exotic world drop that can appear at any time.
  • Xur’s Exotic acquisitions now include the Arbalest.
  • Arbalest is now available as a prize for finishing matches in The Crucible and Gambit, as well as chests in different raids.
  • Finally, it’s a possible drop from the Nightfall: The Ordeal activities, which may be gained by completing the most difficult variants.

If you enjoyed the first Destiny 2 arbalest catalyst quest, which debuted during Destiny 2’s Revelry event, this is likely a disappointment. It’s wonderful to hear you can receive the Arbalest again, though, because it’s a strong weapon for those who have it.

So whether or not players may obtain this weapon is entirely dependent on excellent RNG, however contacting Xur and purchasing his Exotic engram with Legendary Shards and then the Exotic Cipher may be one method to speed up the process.

How to get the Destiny 2 arbalest catalyst?

Unfortunately, just as the Arbalest Destiny 2 is elusive, so is its catalyst. In order for this catalyst to drop randomly, players will need to spend a lot of time grinding in multiple playlist activities, so don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Rather, players should concentrate on completing their weekly chores in different game types to earn Pinnacle prizes.

Look at this point for a better understanding of destiny 2 arbalest catalyst

  • In various game variants, players can also grind out other catalysts while waiting for the Arbalest catalyst to drop.
  • There are a few weapons that demand kills in Strikes or Crucible, so you’ll never be bored.
  • Before it can be utilized correctly, the Destiny 2 arbalest catalyst will need to be updated.
  • Players will need to kill a lot of people with the weapon, with an anticipated total of 500 kills.
  • Getting enough Special ammunition to keep farming for the catalyst will be the major issue.
  • Players that aren’t in a rush may go into any activity with a large number of foes, install some ammunition finder add-ons, and go to town.

However, setting up Shuro-encounter Chi’s in the Last Wish raid is by far the most efficient technique for warming catalysts for weapons that need either Heavy or Special ammunition.

Just remember to load up on rally flags from Hawthorne before coming in, since players will need to rally after each round to refill their ammunition.

Ammo finders will make this grind simpler and allow players to kill Shuro-Chi for the whole duration of his timer.

Destiny 2 arbalest catalyst key perks and abilities

  • Compounding Force – Fires slugs that deal significant damage to opponent combatants’ elemental shields.
  • Disruption Break – Using this weapon to break an enemy’s shield puts them susceptible to Kinetic damage for a short time.

We also know more about the Arbalest’s fundamental weapon data, including its capabilities in relation to hidden statistics like zoom and recoil direction, thanks to the team over at Light.gg.

The following are the complete details:

  • The impact is 41
  • The range is 47
  • Stability: 59 out of 100
  • Handling is at 38
  • Time to charge: 533
  • Magazin – 55
  • Assist in Aiming: 61
  • Recoil Direction – 77
  • Weapon Dimensions: 34
  • Zoom factor: 25

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How to use the Arbalest Destiny 2?

We may make a few assumptions about how the Arbalest should be utilized based on its benefits.

Despite being a Kinetic weapon, the intrinsic perk allows it to easily tear down opposing shields. This implies you might fire a single round before switching to your Heavy weapon to deliver damage.

When you’re firing, it’ll be crucial to coordinate with your colleagues because their Kinetic weapons will deliver substantially more damage due to the gun’s other attributes.

Because Izanagi’s Burden is a Kinetic weapon, combining the Arbalest Destiny 2 with it might result in massive levels of damage.

The only time this will shine is against high-tier foes, such as Envoys in Gambit, though even those would melt rapidly with typical methods.

So, despite the potential damage, it may end up being overkill and a probably wasted slot. Time will only tell.


With an energy weapon, the Arbalest Destiny 2 is fantastic, especially if you have the Arbalest Catalyst upgrade, which gives you energy ammo regeneration.

When you need to take down Barrier champions during missions or to complete an objective, this Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle is the weapon to use.

Purchasing Arbalest in Destiny 2 from Eva is also a simple and secure method of obtaining the weapon.

When The Revelry concludes, it is likely to be added to the Exotic treasure pool. Even though Arbalest isn’t something you’ll use every time you check into Destiny 2, the time it takes to harvest it during this event is well worth it.

Using this weapon might provide you an edge depending on the enemy you’re up against, especially those that are protected.

Frequently Ask Questions:-

What is Arbalest good for Destiny 2?

To summarise, Destiny 2 arbalest catalyst is the best choice for those who want to destroy shields and pierce Barrier Champions with a single shot. Because of the Disruption Break perk, the catalyst wills auto-reload the weapon after destroying an elemental shield or Barrier.

Is Arbalest good against Match Game?

It also handles shields better than Eriana’s Vow, destroying them with a single shot in Master-tier material. Even if Match Game is engaged, each shot causes more damage to elemental shields.

What is the difference between an Arbalest and a crossbow?

The arbalest (also arbalest) was a late-medieval European crossbow that first appeared in the 12th century. The arbalest was a huge weapon with a steel prod (“bow”).
An arbalest possessed a stronger force since it was much bigger than prior crossbows and because steel had a higher tensile strength.

Is Arbalest a world drop?

The Arbalest Destiny 2 is a rare Exotic world drop that can appear at any time. Xur’s Exotic acquisitions now include the Arbalest.
Arbalest is now available as a prize for finishing matches in The Crucible and Gambit, as well as chests in different raids.

Is Arbalest good for PvP?

While Arbalests may likely win PvP battles because of their range, strength, and usefulness, we believe that doing so needs some effort and strategy that a newbie would find difficult to execute.

Has Arbalest been nerfed?

Nerfs in Destiny 2 In what may be the world’s longest balancing post, Arbalest, Renewal Grasps, and St0mp-EE5 battle it out.

What gun has the most aim to assist in Destiny 2?

For multiple seasons in Arbalest Destiny, 2 Dire Promise has been one of the greatest hand cannons.
The weapon fires at a velocity of 140 rpm and has a 92 aim assisted.

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