6 Best Anti-Barrier Weapons In Destiny 2 In 2023

The Destiny 2 storyline challenges our decision-making skills and knowledge of several alternative channels at each stage of the gameplay.

To make the correct use of anti-barrier weapons in Destiny 2, such a wide expanse of knowledge is almost foundational – after all, the biggest challenge to which anti-barrier weapons will be put through will always be to beat the champions!

Champions do not respond to the usual arms that we are used to using everywhere else in the game – they can create a barricade or barrier to keep these forces away.

But these special weapons, which usually are strong enough to break through any champion barrier, become useful tools that the players protect for these specific encounters.

It brings us to the question, which anti-barrier weapons in Destiny 2 should we focus on collecting? Which anti-barrier weapons are the most powerful, and how can you get them without lagging on your main quest?

The list of best anti-virus weapons will surprise you with their versatility. It is high time we discuss them.

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Six best anti-barrier weapons in Destiny 2

The Wish Ender exotic bow

anti-barrier weapons in Destiny 2

Bows are an archer’s dream and primary tool. This exotic now is often tested as a collective throughout the game.

It will not be wrong to consider the Wish Ender Exotic Bow as the most powerful archery pick among all anti-barrier weapons in Destiny 2.

This weapon has a high capacity of stopping power and some traits that allow it to locate champions behind certain hiding places like walls and statues.

It delivers an excellent primary DPS and, at the same time, ensures that the strategy behind the placement of your weapon is revised and concrete. It is an S Tier weapon.

Quicksilver Storm exotic auto rifle

anti-barrier weapons in Destiny 2

If you wish to utilize this weapon correctly, you must have the correct catalyst. With that by your side, there isn’t a better weapon for you to use in your Destiny 2 game than this auto rifle.

Its major plus point is that it can solve situations where you want to act without much strategizing.

This exotic auto rifle can penetrate most of the standard barriers the champions employ, using the ones that are their capacity.

Outbreak perfected exotic pulse rifle

anti-barrier weapons in Destiny 2

Not everybody loves the pulse rifle, but some depend solely on it. While using the outbreak perfect exotic pulse rifle requires some great quality additions like 250 legendary shades and one exotic cipher – it is still one of the most intense anti-barrier weapons in Destiny 2.

It has this unique capacity to break through the barriers the Shields of the Champions created. It means the pulse rifle can be used when the LMG or auto rifle fails.

But due to the lack of usability in practical scenarios and the complexity of the operation, pulse rifles are often deserted for other, more efficient choices.

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Hero’s Burden legendary SMG

anti-barrier weapons in Destiny 2

Every SMG has its separate fan base. But no SMG is as unique as the Hero’s Burden iron man exclusive SMG. It has the best base quality of all guns available in Destiny 2.  

On top of that, it comes with D stabilizing rounds and has an interesting possibility of perks combinations, and it is the culmination of all of these qualities that make it a great emergency weapon.

Despite being a B Tier anti-barrier creation, this gun is neither heavy nor complex. Hero’s Burden is, without a doubt, one of everyone’s personal favorites!

Funnelweb legendary SMG

anti-barrier weapons in Destiny 2

Funnelweb SMG is legendary from the tier anti-barrier weapons Destiny 2 list. It is not only powerful, but it is also beginner friendly in usage and acquisition. It has a deep 40-round magazine and can be used in almost every field situation.

It is often considered the easiest weapon that can be used to void SMG. Funnelweb combinations can be used for complex strategies and last-moment improv – or a weapon of aggressive defense when the situation calls for that.

Commemoration of legendary LMG

anti-barrier weapons in Destiny 2

Another S Tier of anti-barrier weapons Destiny 2 addition to this list displays what the height of premium anti-barrier weapons can be expected to do.

The commemoration has been recreated from a weapon of the same name, and its new version is one of the finest craftable drops.

There are multiple ways to activate volatile rounds; the best part is that commemoration legendary LMG works as if it is invisible!

There are several perks that the LMG pairs together to get different levels of damage on the champions. Hence the commemoration legendary LMG is also a strategic weapon.


Anti-barrier weapons Destiny 2 has a series of excellent factors, making these unique tool combinations that anybody can appreciate.

Usually, a good anti-barrier is the kind that does not take up a lot of the user’s energy but at the same time gives the best performance from the beginning till the end.

Usually, we also look into other situations like how far we have to go to complete the quest and are the other pers worth the accumulation of a said anti-barrier weapon. You should be able to put the weapon to use at multiple places!

Lastly, it must be easy to acquire so you can already possess the weapon when its need becomes apparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the Anti barrier weapons in Destiny 2?

Arbalest, Revision zero, Eriana’s Vow, Wish Ender.

What is the best gun against Barrier Champions?


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