Interesting Facts About The Agers Scepter Catalyst- Destiny 2 2023

Destiny 2’s release of the Agers scepter catalyst comes just in time for gamers to discover how to get it and enhance the potency of this Exotic Trace Rifle.

Week four of Season of the Lost saw the release of agers which has since established itself as one of Destiny 2‘s most effective Exotic weapons.

Rega’s Refrain and Ager’s Call were already two outstanding advantages offered by Ager’s Scepter.

Perks that make the agers scepter catalyst – Destiny 2

Upon Stasis’s last strokes, Rega’s Refrain transfers ammunition from reserves to Ager’s magazine.

A slowing area-of-effect is produced by Ager’s Call around vanquished targets, impacting adversaries nearby.

The Destiny 2 catalyst Rifle is one of the greatest PvE weapons in Destiny 2 because of its combination of benefits, especially given the enhanced opponent clearing capabilities.

Will Give Form fills the magazine with a Guardian’s fully charged Super energy, enhances the stasis beam’s damage, and improves the Destiny 2 catalyst power to freeze and delay enemies.

While active Will Give Form will deplete the Super. Effects of the perk expire if the Super is exhausted, after a reload, or if the weapon is stowed.

However, the Destiny 2 catalysts must first be acquired and unlocked in order to be utilized.

The Destiny 2 agers scepter catalyst is available to players of Destiny 2 this week in Season of the Lost, and it just went live a short while ago.

A Hollow Coronation Exotic quest last week let players get Ager’s Scepter directly, but catalyst drops weren’t available until this week.

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What does Agers Scepter do?

Scepter catalyst is a Kinetic Stasis trace rifle that does massive amounts of Shatter damage and provides excellent crowd control by slowing adjacent foes with each final blow while also having the ability to link final hits to completely freeze a group of adversaries.

Stasis final blows are comparable to a Stasis Prometheus Lens or a Retraced Path with Subsistence since they reload their magazines from reserves as well.

How to get agers scepter catalyst?

At the conclusion of the Astral Alignment action, you must access Wayfinder’s Troves in order to obtain the Catalyst.

Unlocking the chest requires 100 Parallax Trajectory, so it sounds easy enough. Unfortunately, there is no “poor luck protection” and the drop is entirely random.

There is still plenty of time until Season of the Lost is through to completing Nightfall Strikes in Destiny 2 catalysts, which will be the next step in unlocking the Destiny 2 scepter.

Players must achieve a specific threshold of kills using Ager’s Scepter to obtain the Destiny 2 catalysts.

More “Targets defeated” progress will be produced by precise kills. Like other Catalysts, Ager’s Scepter will produce Orbs of Power upon several kills, which, when picked up, will regenerate a Guardian’s Super.

It’s difficult to pinpoint which other two weapons pair well with Ager’s Scepter because it occupies the Kinetic slot and is an Exotic weapon.

D2 scepter, Wolfstone Draw, and Reed’s Regret make up a powerful loadout. Players may control Overload Champions by equipping a Wolfstone Draw Bow, while Reed’s Regret can halt the Unstoppable Champions and do a tonne of damage to monsters with Particle Deconstruction.

Where to find Agers Scepter Catalyst?

At the conclusion of the Astral Alignment action in Season of the Lost, the scepter is dropped from the Wayfinder’s Trove. You must expend 100 Parallax Trajectory to open the treasure that spawns at the end of the action.

Others have reported making several attempts without success, but we were fortunate enough to receive our Catalyst on the first try. Open the Wayfinder’s Trove and keep running Astral Alignment until it drops for you.

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The Scepter Catalyst – Unlock

You now own the Catalyst but are unsure of how to access it. You’ll need to murder around 1,000 people with it. Precision kills, however, count as many kill.

The Shattered Realm’s Ager’s Spector-only rocks are also meant to grant you additional progress, but as of this writing, it doesn’t seem to be functioning properly.

Run through the system while using an agers scepter to execute precise kills. You may also use the Shuro Chi checkpoint in Last Wish for quick and simple kills if you’d like something speedier.

Bottom End

Let’s look at how to obtain the newest exotic weapon, Destiny 2 scepter catalyst, which has officially landed in Destiny 2.

You have been completing tracing the Stars, a recurring task that Queen Mara gave you, for the past few weeks.

This week, you may finish Destiny 2 a Hollow Coronation exotic quest, and put your Atlas Skews to good use.

We provide you complete details about the agers destiny 2 catalysts. And we hope you will like this guide very much; if you still have any doubts, look at our FAQs. After reading all FAQs, you will get all your answers.

Frequently asked questions

How many kills for a scepter catalyst?

You’ll need to employ the catalyst after killing 1,000 enemies using Ager’s Scepter. As always, the Shuro Chi checkpoint in the Last Wish raid is a perfect place to perform this.

How do you complete the catalyst for the scepter?

On the other side, according to Bungie, the Destiny 2 agers scepter will disappear from playlist activities. As a result, players have a chance to win the catalyst anytime they complete a Strike as well as after winning a Gambit or Crucible battle.

How rare is the Scepter catalyst?

As of right now, it is unclear what exactly the drop chance is for the catalyst, which drops in Astral Alignment. After some testing, it seems to be between 15% and 20% of every activity.

Does Ager’s Scepter count as kinetic?

Although there are Primary and Special weapons for both Kinetic and Energy slots, all Power weapons require Heavy ammunition. A Kinetic Special weapon (Ager’s Scepter), such as the seasonal auto rifle Chrysura Melo, can be used in conjunction with an Energy Primary.

What is the best legendary kinetic weapon in Destiny 2?

In both PvE and PvP, Peace of Mind is one of the greatest Primary weapons in Destiny 2. Peace of Mind is excellent in PvE largely because of its perks, but a lot of that is due to its Rapid-Fire Frame, which fires bullets at 540 RPM.

How good is Ager’s Scepter catalyst?

Once engaged, players’ magazines will double in size and the beams’ damage will increase by 80%. Players can take advantage of this benefit up until the Super energy or the gun’s magazine runs out.

Can you do the Glassway without beyond light?

Glassway may be played by F2P users and Beyond Light non-owners at random times in the Vanguard Strike playlist. To succeed, simply keep loading in and stopping.

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