Who Is Xur Destiny 2 And Where To Find Him In 2023

Xur Destiny 2: enigmatic Agent of Nine

On weekends, the enigmatic Agent of Nine, Xur, returns to Destiny 2 and sells players new exotic and legendary gear and weaponry.

Since the commencement of Season of the Risen, Xur has also begun weekly sales of arbitrary rolls of Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale.

Xur will also put up for sale this week one additional exotic weapon, three exotic armour pieces, an exotic engram, seven legendary weapons, and five legendary armour pieces in addition to these two magnificent exotics.

This week, Xur will return to Destiny 2, where he will set up shop in a new area and give the Guardians an entirely new selection of goods.

In reality, he may now sell a number of legendary artefacts as of Season of the Lost, giving the enigmatic trader a new facet. Along with this here we will tell you who is Xur Destiny 2. So stay with us.

Who is Xur Destiny 2?

With new exotic and legendary armour and weaponry available for purchase, the Agent of Nine, Xur Destiny 2, is back in Destiny.

Since the commencement of Season of the Risen, Xur Destiny 2 has also begun weekly sales of arbitrary rolls of Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale.

Xur will also put up for sale this week one additional exotic weapon, three exotic armour pieces, an exotic engram, seven legendary weapons, and five legendary armour pieces in addition to these two magnificent exotics.

A Jupiterian, Xur. The Jovians originate from a collection of planets that were once settled by humans during their Golden Age expansion but are now far away due to the Collapse.

Players have not yet encountered any members of the humanoid race known as Jovian creatures, with the exception of a mysterious weekend messenger.

Where is Xur Destiny 2?

The Agent of Nine sets up shop between the days of Friday and Tuesday, and Xur Destiny 2 location changes every week. In Xur Destiny 2 is guaranteed to spawn in one of two potential places, which are stated below:

  • EDZ – Above Winding Cove
  • Nessus – Next to Watcher’s Grave
  • The Tower – Inside the Hangar

Xur’s whereabouts won’t be known until after the Friday daily reset, unlike the Lost Sector Rotation in Destiny 2, though.

Even though Xur set up shop there last week selling his wares, it appears unlikely that we won’t see him there this week.

Where to find Xur Destiny 2?

Xur destiny 2

There are lots of complications to finding Xur in Destiny 2 and still, we have many quests like – Where to find Xur Destiny 2? Where is Xur Destiny 2? So, we will be here to answer your all queries keep reading.

The Tower Hangar, The Winding Cove in the EDZ, & Watcher’s Grave on Nessus are the three places where Xur can be discovered each week.

He will be at one of those three locations because the Xur Destiny 2 location has no established routine.

Winding Cove is on EDZ (also called Earth). Right on the Winding Cove spawns, walk to the Xur Destiny 2 locations shown below, and gather your loot.

There is no need to search any further if you want to get some brand-new, dazzling Exotic armour or weaponry for your Guardian.

For sale, each week in Xûr is a randomised selection of exotic armour, one for each Guardian class, a randomised exotic weapon, and a randomised exotic engram.

Xur Destiny 2 Exotic and Legendary Items

Every week, Xur also offers the Xenology quest, which calls for you to win 21 Crucible/Gambit matches or perform 21 strikes in order to obtain an Exotic Cypher.

Normally used to purchase used exotics at a kiosk in the Tower, you will be able to utilise these next season at Master Rahool to purchase the exotics you choose.

Exotic Cyphers will also have a higher cap because you can now hold up to five of them at once.

  • 97 Legendary Shards make up the exotic engram.
  • 29 Legendary Shards in The Wardcliff Coil
  • 23 Legendary Shards from The Bombardiers
  • 23 Legendary Shards and an Insurmountable Skullfort
  • 23 Legendary Shards for the Ophidian Aspect.
  • 200 Legendary Shards, 125,000 Glimmer, 1 Ascendant Shard, and 1 Exotic Cypher are required for Hawkmoon.
  • The Dead Man’s Tale requires 200 Legendary Shards, 125,000 Glimmer, 1 Ascendant Shard, and 1 Exotic Cypher.
  • Free quest for xenology.
  • 50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer for legendary armour and weapons.

Beginning with the daily reset on Friday at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, Xur is present every weekend in Destiny 2. Due to the fact that he is not marked on the map and is frequently overlooked by new players, his exact Xur Destiny 2 locations are always a mystery when he initially appears.

The Tower Hangar region, Watcher’s Grave on Nessus, and the EDZ’s Winding Cove region are among the predetermined places where he settles down.

Xur Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons

Xur destiny 2

Xur’s long-standing goal underwent a significant adjustment in Season of the Loss of Destiny 2. The legendary weapons and armour that Xur has been offering each week since Season 15 have been added to his usual exotics.

The Wardcliff Coil

In Destiny 2, the Wardcliff Coil is the wish and hope-and-spray of rocket launchers. It is easy to operate and has a devastating damage output.

It’s not a Gjallarhorn, but in addition to its inherent benefit as a Mad Scientist device, it has a lot of wonderful extras.

This super weapon fires a salvo of rockets as well as has an Extended Mag, Mechanised Autoloader, and Composite Stock to help evaporate anything in the region where you’re attempting to shoot.


This week, Hawkmoon has the customary bonuses of Alloy Magazine, Heavy Grip, and Fluted Barrel, but Killing Wind is a new bonus for this role.

When you want to kill enemies with red bars so you can level up the intrinsic perk Paracausal Shot, Final Blows gives you temporary increases to your mobility, weapon range, and handling. This ability is ideal for this tactic..

Dead Man’s Tale

Full Bore, Accurized Rounds, Snapshot Sights, and Hand-Laid Stock are all included in this week’s Dead Man’s Tale roll, which is an excellent collection of benefits.

You have more range with Accurized Rounds and Full Bore, can aim more quickly with Snapshot Sights, and can moderately manage recoil with Hand-Laid Stock.

For once, a build that is both PvE and PvP-friendly and fairly above average.

Xur Destiny 2 Exotic Armor

This option gives Xur a completely new dimension and gives you a chance to pick up any armour and weapon sets you might have missed in previous seasons.

It’s possible, though not confirmed, that Xur may even decide to sell a few Trials weapons, so be sure to check back each week to see what’s available.

The Bombardiers

The Bombardiers are really wonderful boots to equip for the Hunter who likes to dodge out of harm’s way because they leave something extra and explosive for anyone after you.

Running an Arc build will cause you to blind targets, apply scorch stacks with Solar, leave a suppression effect in your trail with Void, slow opponents with Stasis, and sever targets with Strand.

This Exotic roll’s high mobility, recuperation, and discipline attributes make it a great fit for those quick strategies. However, you’ll need to increase the resilience of your other pieces of armour.

An Insurmountable Skullfort

Xur destiny 2

An Insurmountable Skullfort, which is excellent for Titans wishing to run an Arc build, will cause life regeneration and restore melee energy when you defeat opponents with your melee strike.

If you construct your Titan properly, you should be able to transform your Guardian into a powerful weapon that is continually healing.

In favour of mobility, this Exotic’s resilience and discipline stats are weak, and its strong strength is ideal for a build that emphasises punches.

Ophidian Aspect

The Warlock that wears these Exotic gauntlets will benefit from extremely swift weapon ready and reload speed, improved melee range, and a slight increase in aerial effectiveness. They are intended specifically for PvP activity.

Because of this, and in light of the fact that this role has high resilience and strength, these are excellent for The Crucible and the Trials of Osiris.

The stat here that is least strong is mobility, but average recuperation, discipline, and cognitive values make up for the deficiency.

When does Xur Destiny 2? | Vendor weekly reset

As of today, Xur has relocated to Destiny 2 and will stay there until the upcoming weekly reset on Tuesday, April 25.

Every Tuesday at reset, the Agent of the Nine vanishes and won’t be seen again until the following Friday, when he’ll appear predictably and offer the Guardians some new equipment—for a fee.

While Xur’s selection of weapons and armour changes every week, he always has an exotic cypher quest available for players to take on (barring the case where they currently have one in their possession that needs to be finished).

The precise steps for completing the quest can vary, but they all entail engaging in a variety of tasks in Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit, the game’s three main playlists.

Grab this and take it out if you’re desperate for a chance to recover an old weapon from the kiosk.


Like the Gunsmith, he offers a variety of legendary weaponry in addition to his standard assortment of exotic weapons and armour.

In addition to having fully random rolls and weapons, he occasionally sells some of the greatest guns in the game.

Many of you might be wondering if Xur Destiny 2 brings Raid Exotics at this point. No, is the response to that. Only Destiny 2 raids can obtain Raid Exotics.

Consequently, Xur won’t welcome exotic acts like the Anarchy or the Thousand Voices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Xur Destiny 2 cost?

Only 1,000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards are required to purchase each item (be it armour or a weapon).

Does Xur Destiny 2 sell all exotics?

Exotic engrams are always available from Xur, and you can buy one every week for 97 Legendary Shards. By accepting a quest from Xur and completing the tasks, you can also obtain a second one with an Exotic Cypher.

Why can’t I find Xur Destiny 2?

This is what? As it turns out, Bungie chose to relocate Xur because he was causing some players’ games to crash. He is now in the tower’s flight bay, midway up the stairs, thanks to the developers.

Does Xur Destiny 2 release new exotics?

Along with his own cypher quest, which you must complete in order to obtain an old exotic weapon from the Monument to Lost Lights, Xur makes a fresh appearance in Destiny 2 and offers Guardians the possibility to acquire an exotic weapon and some new exotic armour rolls.

Does Xur Destiny 2 drop new exotics?

Along with the specific cypher quest that you have to complete in order to claim old exotic weaponry from the Tribute to Lost Lights, Xur returns to Destiny 2 in an unfamiliar spot and gives Guardians the option to pick up an exotic weapon along with some new exotic armour rolls in-game.

What guns is Xur Destiny 2 selling?

Xur has a store of unusual weapons and equipment, just like every week. He has a single exotic weapon and a single exotic piece of armour for every class.
As the tasks to obtain them are no longer available, he also frequently sells the exotic Hawkmoon hand cannon and Dead Man’s Tale scout rifle.

Does Xur have any god rolls?

Visit Xur in The Tower (you may find him there by looking at the image above) and pay him for the Hawkmoon with 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, an Ascendant Shard, and an Exotic Cypher (you can get these by finishing Xur’s simple “Xenology” weekly quest).

How does Xur Destiny 2 works?

Who is Xur, exactly? If you’re new to Destiny 2 and require a little more explanation of how this functions, you should be aware that Xur is a unique dealer that offers rare armour and weapons.
He visits the solar system every week with a variety of commodities, including one exotic weapon and one exotic piece of armour for each character level.

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